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Golf is a sport that can be played outside in many different types of weather. Although it is best played on a sunny day, many golfers may choose to hit the green on days of inclement weather. The weather would impact the type of gear the golfer needs for a successful outing.
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There is nothing worse that going out for an enjoyable game of golf and have your hands hot and sweaty. It can turn a wonderful sunny day into a day of taking your glove on and off.
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When looking for inexpensive golf balls, it does take some deal of research in order to find the ones that are the best fit for you and your price range. This article takes the research from you and lists some of the best inexpensive golf balls recommended by several users.
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The relationship between your golf bag and your caddie is intimate. Your caddy knows how to repair your straps quicker than you do, which shoulder to put your bag on to keep them from stabbing your tags in the stomach, and how to balance their gait so that when they cross a slope, your clubs do not fly out.