How to Build A Meditation Bench?

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To build a meditation bench, you will need some basic carpentry skills and a few materials. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you build your own meditation bench:

  1. Determine the size: Decide on the dimensions of your bench based on your personal preference and comfort. A standard meditation bench is usually around 18-20 inches long, 8-10 inches wide, and 6-8 inches high.
  2. Gather the materials: You will need a suitable wood board for the seat, such as oak or pine. Additionally, you'll require two pieces of wood for the legs, measuring around 6-8 inches in height, and wooden dowels or screws to secure the legs to the seat.
  3. Prepare the wood: Cut the main board to the desired dimensions for the seat. Make sure to sand all edges and surfaces of the wood to remove any roughness or splinters.
  4. Assemble the bench: Take the two leg pieces and position them underneath the seat board, approximately one-third of the way from each end. Ensure the legs are perpendicular to the seat and align them straight.
  5. Secure the legs: Depending on your preference, you can attach the legs to the seat using two methods: dowels or screws. a. Dowels: Drill two holes through each leg into the seat. Apply wood glue inside the holes, insert dowels, and tap them into place. Allow the glue to dry completely before proceeding. b. Screws: Drill pilot holes in the seat board where you want the legs to be attached. Align the leg with the holes, screw through the leg and into the pilot holes to secure it firmly.
  6. Reinforce the bench (optional): If you want extra stability, you can add some additional support braces. Cut two small pieces of wood about 2-3 inches long, sand them down, and attach them underneath the seat, perpendicular to the legs. You can use nails, screws, or wood glue for this step.
  7. Finishing touches: Sand the entire bench again to smooth out any rough areas or corners. You can also apply a varnish or wood finish to protect the wood and enhance its appearance. Allow the finish to dry completely before using the bench.

Remember, these are general guidelines, and you can modify the dimensions and materials according to your preference. Building a meditation bench can be a rewarding process, providing you with a comfortable and dedicated space for your meditation practice.

Best Meditation Bench in May 2024

Waterglider International Meditation Bench (Zen Black), Seiza, Sustainable Acacia Wood with Curved Bottom Edges for The Perfect Posture, Meditation Stool, Prayer Bench, Meditation Chair, Yoga Stool

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Waterglider International Meditation Bench (Zen Black), Seiza, Sustainable Acacia Wood with Curved Bottom Edges for The Perfect Posture, Meditation Stool, Prayer Bench, Meditation Chair, Yoga Stool

  • PRACTIONERS UP TO 6 FEET TALL - Due to the size of the legs, the Waterglider International bench is only for practioners up to 6 feet in height.
  • SUSTAINABLE ACACIA WOOD - The Waterglider International bench is made from highly sustainable acacia wood and upholstered by professional furniture manufacturers.
  • ROUNDED AND ANGLED LEGS - Similar to a rocking chair, the Waterglider International bench has rounded legs that help find the perfect body posture.
  • GAME CHANGER FOR MEDITATORS - For meditators who experience pain and stiffness, this bench will allow for subtle changes to the angle of the spine to help prolong meditation time.
  • WATERGLIDER INTERNATIONAL SMILE PROMISE - We promise complete satisfaction or a complete refund.
Florensi Meditation Bench - Bamboo, Foldable & Ergonomic Meditation Stool - Sturdy Prayer Bench with Meditation Cushion, Comfortable for Kneeling or Sitting - Perfect for Deeper & Longer Meditation

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Florensi Meditation Bench - Bamboo, Foldable & Ergonomic Meditation Stool - Sturdy Prayer Bench with Meditation Cushion, Comfortable for Kneeling or Sitting - Perfect for Deeper & Longer Meditation

  • Comfortable - Experience relaxing meditation with our foldable meditation bench. It doesn’t require you to cross your legs, so you can meditate or practice mindfulness without feeling pins, needles, or pain.
  • Perfect Your Posture - Backless meditation stools can help support strengthening your muscles to improve posture. So, every seat is angled roughly 5º forward to give you a comfortable incline for poses.
  • Compact & Portable - At 18” x 7” x 6”, these meditation chairs are easy to travel with. Simply pack one in the carrying case provided and take it with you to the office, yoga studio, or prayer room.
  • Sturdy Support - Durable locking magnetic hinges enable our bamboo wood meditation bench to easily fold out and stay firmly in place. An anti-slip finish on the seat legs also prevents sliding on floors.
  • Multifunctional - With this cushioned medication stool, you can sit in many different positions, including seiza, lotus, and cross-legged. Use one as a yoga bench, prayer bench, or even a floor seat.
Mindful & Modern Folding Meditation Bench - Small Kneeling Meditation Bench with Locking Magnetic Hinges - Portable Cross Legged or Kneeling Stool - Folding Seiza Chair for Meditation, Yoga, or Praying

Rating is 4.8 out of 5

Mindful & Modern Folding Meditation Bench - Small Kneeling Meditation Bench with Locking Magnetic Hinges - Portable Cross Legged or Kneeling Stool - Folding Seiza Chair for Meditation, Yoga, or Praying

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Sitting on our folding meditation bench helps reduce your body stress, and align the pelvis and spine. This meditation stool is made for all meditation levels & styles and promotes balanced posture for longer stamina and deeper meditation.
  • LOCKING MAGNETIC HINGES - Sturdy construction of the meditation chair and secure locking magnetic hinges provide a stable bench. An angled seat reduces hip and knee pressure while promoting spine alignment. Meditate, pray, or stretch in the seiza, or kneeling position.
  • ALL-NATURAL MATERIALS - This yoga stool is made of 100% sustainable bamboo with a durable, machine-washable cotton case for extra protection. Beautifully crafted the sleek wood finish meditation stool provides full body support and can be used with or without a yoga cushion.
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE - Take the lightweight, portable kneeling stool to outdoor retreats. A small profile will make it your go-to indoor/outdoor meditation sitting stool. Folds flat to easily store or transport in a suitcase, or backpack.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR YOGA LOVERS - Focused on meditation, self-care, and wellness goods for the modern world, the Mindful & Modern yoga meditation chair is the perfect gift for yoga and meditation lovers.
Meditation Bench with Carrying Bag, Meditation Kneeling Stool Portable Yoga Meditation Bench Ergonomic Foldable Prayer Stool with Soft Cushion for Kneeling Sitting Prayer Extended Practice

Rating is 4.9 out of 5

Meditation Bench with Carrying Bag, Meditation Kneeling Stool Portable Yoga Meditation Bench Ergonomic Foldable Prayer Stool with Soft Cushion for Kneeling Sitting Prayer Extended Practice

  • Improved process: due to the long sea transport, resulting in mildew, rust, etc., in order to provide quality products, we have painted all the solid wood and changed the fixed fittings to stainless steel; the package comes with a meditation bench with a soft meditation cushion and a carrying bag, allowing you to meditate or pray in a more comfortable and relaxed way; Note: Made of solid wood, there might be natural conditions such as wood grain and uneven color, which will not affect use.
  • Sturdy for Long Time Use: made of quality solid wood, the prayer bench is stable and reliable, not easy to deform or fall down, able to firmly stay in its place and serve you for a long time; With a polished and smooth surface, it will keep your hands from being scratched; Note: to make sure the meditation bench more stable, two additional support strips are added to the sides
  • Humanized Design: the meditation stool is designed with an appropriate inclination, which will help exercise your muscles and release the pressure to your knees caused by sitting cross legged, keeping you comfortable even after sitting on it for a long time; Note: please refer to the size picture before purchasing to confirm whether it is suitable
  • Collapsible Soft Cushion: a meditation cushion is included to provide you with a comfortable sitting or kneeling experience, which will help you practice meditation with mindfulness; And the outer cover of the cushion can be taken off, convenient for you to clean
  • Easy to Carry: the prayer stool features foldable legs, and a portable bag is provided, so you can directly fold it up and put it in the bag when you want to practice meditation outdoors, or take it with you when travelling
Prajna Meditation Bench - Bamboo, Folding Yoga Stool with Cushion and Carry Bag for Kneeling or Sitting, Natural

Rating is 4.9 out of 5

Prajna Meditation Bench - Bamboo, Folding Yoga Stool with Cushion and Carry Bag for Kneeling or Sitting, Natural

  • Elevate your sessions: Take meditation to the next level with our ergonomically designed bench perfect for small to large practitioners. Made of premium quality eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo you will be able to sit in multiple positions such as seiza, lotus, cross-legged, or with your legs tucked beneath the bench. Use with or without the removable cushion based on your preference.
  • Secure support: Our bench is constructed with durable locking magnetic hinges and anti-slip legs. Get the most out of your meditation session with this improved sturdy design, ensuring your bench stays firmly in place. Our meditation stool is also perfect for yoga, prayer, ceremonies, or as extra floor seating.
  • Improved posture: The angled legs, with a 5 degrees forward tilt, and measuring 5-1/2” to 6” from the floor, provide greater support and improve back posture allowing for better circulation, deeper breathing, and enhanced focus. Relax in comfort in a natural pose, eliminating discomfort without any pressure on the legs, ankles, knees, and hips.
  • Removable cushion: Our bench comes with a removable 100% cotton pillow. Use on the seat to provide additional padding for your spine and tailbone, or beneath your legs, to pad the knees and shins from the floor. Measuring 2 inches thick it ensures comfort, stability and support.
  • Portable and compact: Lightweight with a bonus 100% cotton zippered carry bag you can meditate anywhere you wish. Bring your bench to the office, yoga studios, retreats, prayer rooms, or whenever you are on the go. Bench Measurements - 17" wide x 7.5" front to back x 3/4" thick Height front of stool - from top: 6-1/8" Height back of stool - from top: 7" Cushion - 17 x 7-1/2 x 1-1/4"

How to create a rounded or contoured surface on the bench seat?

To create a rounded or contoured surface on a bench seat, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start by measuring and marking the desired curvature on the bench seat. Determine how much of a curve or contour you want and mark the beginning and end points.
  2. Next, use a jigsaw or a router with a curved cutting attachment to cut along the marked line. Make sure to use a sharp blade or bit to ensure a smooth cut.
  3. After cutting, use sandpaper or a powered sander to smooth out the edges and create a rounded or contoured surface. Start with coarse-grit sandpaper and gradually work your way up to finer-grit sandpaper to achieve a smooth finish.
  4. If desired, you can further mold the curved surface using a heat gun. Gently heat the area you want to shape, and while the plastic is warm and flexible, apply pressure and mold it to the desired curvature. Be careful not to overheat and melt the material.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the shape, use additional sanding to smooth out any rough areas or imperfections.
  6. Finish the surface by applying a suitable finish or paint to protect and enhance the appearance of the curved bench seat. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by the finish manufacturer.

Remember to always wear appropriate safety gear, such as eye protection and a dust mask, when working with power tools or sanding materials. Additionally, practice caution and take your time to ensure accuracy and quality in your work.

What tools are required to build a meditation bench?

To build a meditation bench, you will need the following tools:

  1. Measuring tape: Used to take measurements and ensure accuracy.
  2. Pencil or marking tool: Used to mark out the necessary measurements on the wood.
  3. Saw: Used to cut the wooden pieces according to the measurements.
  4. Power drill: Used to drill holes and attach screws.
  5. Screwdriver: Used to fasten screws.
  6. Sandpaper: Used to smooth the rough edges and surfaces of the wood.
  7. Clamps: Used to hold the wooden pieces together when joining.
  8. Wood glue: Used to strengthen joints between wooden pieces.
  9. Paint or stain: Optional tool to add finishing touches to the bench.

These tools should be sufficient for building a basic meditation bench. However, specific requirements may vary based on the design and complexity of the bench.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a foldable meditation bench?


  1. Portability: A foldable meditation bench is highly portable and can be easily carried around. It can be folded and conveniently packed in a bag or suitcase, making it suitable for traveling or retreats.
  2. Adjustable: Many foldable meditation benches come with adjustable legs, allowing users to customize the height according to their comfort and preference. This ensures proper alignment of the body during meditation, reducing the risk of strain or discomfort.
  3. Space-saving: Foldable benches take up minimal space when folded, making them ideal for small living spaces or meditation areas where storage is a concern.
  4. Versatility: Some foldable meditation benches can be adjusted to different angles, providing versatility and catering to various meditation postures and sitting styles.
  5. Durability: Foldable benches made from high-quality materials can be very sturdy and durable, ensuring they last for a long time.


  1. Construction: Some foldable meditation benches may not be as durable as traditional, non-foldable wooden benches. The folding mechanisms and joints might be weaker points prone to breakage with regular use.
  2. Stability: Foldable benches may not provide the same level of stability and firmness as non-foldable benches due to their collapsible nature. This could potentially affect concentration and balance during meditation.
  3. Cost: Depending on the material and build quality, foldable meditation benches might be more expensive compared to non-foldable benches made from similar materials.
  4. Comfort: Foldable benches may not be as comfortable as heavily cushioned or padded meditation cushions or mats. The hard surface of the bench may cause discomfort or numbness during longer meditation sessions.
  5. Weight Limit: Foldable benches may not be suitable for individuals who are on the heavier side as they may not provide sufficient support or weight-bearing capacity.

How to modify a pre-existing bench into a meditation bench?

To modify a pre-existing bench into a meditation bench, you can follow these steps:

  1. Assess the bench: Take a look at the structure and design of the existing bench. Consider its height, width, and stability. This will help you determine what modifications are needed to make it suitable for meditation.
  2. Adjust the height: Meditation benches are typically lower than regular benches to ensure comfort and proper posture. If your bench is too high, consider shortening the legs or removing the existing legs completely.
  3. Add padding: Meditation benches typically have a cushion or padding to provide comfort during long periods of sitting. You can attach a cushion to the existing bench seat by securing it with either adhesive or Velcro strips. Ensure that the padding is thick enough to provide adequate cushioning.
  4. Modify the seat angle: Meditation benches often have a slightly tilted or curved seat to encourage proper alignment of the spine. If your bench is flat, you can modify it by adding a wedge-shaped cushion or by adjusting the angle of the seat.
  5. Improve stability: A stable meditation bench is crucial for maintaining balance during meditation. If your bench feels wobbly or unstable, reinforce the structure by adding support beams or securing any loose parts.
  6. Personalize the bench: Consider adding personal touches to make the bench more aesthetically pleasing and meaningful to you. You can paint or stain the bench in colors that promote calmness and relaxation, or add symbols, quotes, or patterns to create a meditative atmosphere.
  7. Test and adjust: Once you have made the modifications, it's essential to test the bench and make any necessary adjustments. Sit on it for a while to ensure it provides the comfort and stability required for your meditation practice.

By following these steps, you can transform a pre-existing bench into a comfortable and supportive meditation bench to enhance your sitting practice.

How to create a sturdy and stable design for the bench legs?

To create a sturdy and stable design for bench legs, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose the right material: Select a strong and durable material such as solid wood or metal for the bench legs. Avoid using weaker materials like particleboard or thin metal.
  2. Determine the leg shape: Decide on the appropriate leg shape, taking into consideration the overall design and style of the bench. Common leg shapes include straight, tapered, or curved.
  3. Opt for a thicker leg profile: Increase the thickness of the legs to enhance stability. Thicker legs offer more support and reduce the chances of wobbling or sagging.
  4. Use reinforcing techniques: Incorporate reinforcing techniques to strengthen the bench legs. For wooden legs, you can use dowels or mortise and tenon joints to join the leg pieces securely. For metal legs, consider welding or using sturdy brackets and screws.
  5. Add cross-bracing or stretchers: Install cross-bracing or stretchers between the legs to provide additional stability. Cross-bracing can be horizontal or diagonal, creating triangles that distribute weight evenly and prevent lateral movement.
  6. Consider adjustable feet: If the bench will be placed on uneven flooring, it is advisable to use adjustable feet. These can be attached to the bottom of the legs, allowing for easy adjustment to level the bench and prevent wobbling.
  7. Test stability: Before finalizing the design, test the stability of the bench legs by applying some weight and exerting pressure on different areas of the bench. Make sure the legs don't flex, twist, or wobble excessively.
  8. Finishing touches: Once you are satisfied with the stability of the bench legs, apply a suitable finish to protect the material and enhance its appearance. This can include sanding, staining, painting, or sealing the legs.

By following these steps, you can create a sturdy and stable design for your bench legs, ensuring that your bench will provide years of reliable use.

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