Trust the Process

When the Monsoon Throwdown was announced and we registered, we didn’t realize the magnitude of what we were signing-up for…in our eyes, we were all just the usual attendees of the regular WODs and bootcamps focused on surviving every workout. We never knew we would end up being teammates.
The Team
We came from different professional backgrounds (Ilo is an IT practitioner, Elgin is into Real Estate and Camille calls herself “a typical office girl”), skills and age groups with only Crossfit and bootcamp as our common denominator. It was only during our classes when we had time to be together. As we teamed up, we decided that we were going to go through this together and give it our best shot despite our team not being a top contender in the contest.
The Plan and Prep
Our objective was to perform all the movements in proper form and in the right pace. And the ever patient (but strict) Coach Kim gave our newbie and last-minute replacement, Camille, a 3- day crash course to prepare her for the Scaled Division. We also made an effort to mentally rehearse the WOD sequence and number of reps we would share. We didn’t get to practice as a team as much as we would have liked, but we realized that training and preparation for events like this started from Day One of our box membership. Like the sign in every CFMNL box says “…attend your class and trust the process…”
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The Result
In the end, winning was just a bonus. Being together as one community and feeling that strong sense of camaraderie was priceless. Hats off to all the participants, organizing committee and judges we now call our family…everyone’s efforts paid off to make this such an unforgettable experience. More importantly, 1 Corinthians 10 :31 is a constant reminder for us why we do what we do . Not to us but for the glory of God.
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-Written by Ilo Trinidad, Team FLANAX, CFMNL Commonwealth