Training Essentials during Open Season: Gear S2


The Open is upon us, and once again we will be facing 5 weeks of grueling workouts that we all scramble to prepare for physically, mentally and emotionally. But just as one may say, “Half of the battle is won through preparation.” So what do we need to be battle ready? My answer would be training; how we train and here are a few of my gym bag essentials to get me through each session.

1.     Pre-Workout Drink

Training for the Open can mean longer sessions and more work and we’re going to need all the energy we can find to get through. Find your perfect pre-workout drink before the open so you know what works for you; I prefer cold brew coffee because it gives me just the right amount of buzz and I know it will last me through an AMRAP or a WOD that

2.     Training gear (wrist straps, Knee sleeves, Belt)

Just like any soldier in the middle of battle, our gear will help keep us safe and well supported for any workout. Although it is true that it is not in the tools one uses that defines our performance, having the proper support assures us that we can make it through the 5 workouts plus all the training in between.
3.     Samsung Gear S2

Speaking of gears, wearables are a great addition to training because this helps track our progress. CrossFit is not only about improving how we look and feel but also how we perform. Just like how the Open is our way of tracking our performance from the previous year, the Samsung Gear S2 has been a key component to our training. Primarily a smartwatch, the Gear S2 is loaded with features for any athlete. It comes loaded with the S-health app that assists us in achieving our daily goals. It helps us track our stats over our training period, giving us a clearer idea of how much improvement is happening to us. Numbers like how fast we run, or how much distance we can cover, calories burned, plus how high or low our BPM goes before, during, and after a workout are all saved in the stylish watch, and can be uploaded to your smartphone for review later on. All in all, the fitness apps of the Gear S2, together with its customizable and connectivity features; we can really attest that with the Gear S2, it does get better withIMG-20160222-WA0012

4. Supplements (protein, fish-oil, and vitamins)

are something we definitely stock on during open season. Why? Because we know training is going to be tougher and as mentioned earlier, we’re going to need all the help we can get; pre, intra, and post workout. Our supplements will help keep us going strong from the inside.

5. Mobility Toys

Training doesn’t always mean going all-out heavy lifting or gassing out in MetCons. Mobility is a big part of training for the open because this is our preventive measure. Mobility toys like lacrosse balls and foam rollers give us quick access to great massages; we’re sure to hit all the small and big areas that need the most loving after a hard work out or just a hard day’s work.


Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, The Open always brings out mixed emotions. But I’m sure we’ve done what we can and prepared as much as we can for it. Try taking a look at your gym bag, are you battle ready too?