Throwdown Recovery


How do you properly recover from a competition?

Take your shoes, knee sleeves, and wrist wraps off. Rest for a few minutes.

Take  a long relaxing shower or bubble bath.

Get into a new set of clean comfortable clothes.

Eat whatever you want and cuddle up in your cozy bed for a long restful deep deeeeeep sleep.


This would probably be the basic end to a long day of competing. But everyone has their own way of recovering from both the physical and mental work they put into the preparation and most especially the workouts on the day itself.


Some mobilize to make sure they don’t get tight, some get massages, others eat all the junk food they want to reward themselves!foam-roller-i-t-band

Well, it seems the best way to recover is to keep yourself comfortable, and reward yourself. Be happy! Whether you made it to the podium or not, you worked damn hard to get to the competition in the first place. And there’s no doubt you pushed yourself as hard as you could on the day too. So relax.


Get that massage, take that long bath, sleep as deep and as long as you want, drink protein, see a chiropractor, and eat some ice cream or some pizza and watch chick flicks or cartoons! Then you come back to the box in a few days and get after it again!


In the link below are some ways the CrossFit Invitational athletes recover from competition :)

However you’re recovering, as long as you’re letting yourself rest, you’re doing it right.

If you competed last weekend, congratulations!

And if you were a spectator, thank you for the support!

And of course to all organizers, sponsors, and staff, congratulations and many thanks for a successful, fun, and inspiring event!