We are Team Zebron! We are JV Montoya, Zeb Cambronero, Tish Dee.

Life before CrossFit:
JV: I used to play different sports but didn’t really put the time and effort in like I do now for CrossFit. Life before crossfit? OBESE! eat,drink,sleep and repeat!

Zeb: Before CrossFit. I was a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer, and I played American football and freestyle wrestling.

Tish: Before Crossfit I was into Pilates, TRX and was running 2x a week. I started CrossFit because I wanted to try something new.

Team Zebron

It was one evening before the 7pm WoD when Coach Zeb asked us if we wanted to team up for the manila team throwdown 😊
Like any other team we had challenges we had to face– our schedules. JV and I have 9-5 jobs, and we’re both bankers so the only time we could train was at night after work. Coach Zeb on the other hand coaches at night…so we would squeeze in strategizing and doing the qualifying workouts in between classes at night.
Aaaaaand we made it! It was very rewarding knowing that 85 teams joined, also considering we didn’t have ample time to prepare as a team due to our very hectic schedules. We realized that hard work really pays off because we didn’t have a choice but to train individually and just put in the training we could contribute to the team.


Advice for other teams:

Focus more on working as a team 😊  Help each other with your weaknesses and just do your best! It shouldn’t feel like work because we already have our day jobs for that….remember that it should also be about having FUN!