Team Yushoken


Team Yushoken

Mae Velasco: #maeveebaby #maemae

Albert Trinidad: #PrinceDave #ChefDave

Alain Acejo: #Alaining #CuteBoyAlert #HonestyIsTheBestPolicy



Played softball from grade school to highschool. Started lifting because she wanted to try something new. Started crossfit around three years ago.

Albert David

Used to be a pep squad member for the duration of college. Went into crossfit for almost two years now.


Played football during his high school and college years. Have been doing crossfit for 3 years now, crossfit allowed him to continue his athletic life even after a major knee injury in 2013-2014.

The Team

Our team came together for the sole mutuality we share of eating at our favorite ramen shop down south which is where we came together, no pun intended.

During the qualifiers we had some bumps on sickness and diet cleanup haha. There were also a few movements that Albert and Mae weren’t so proficient in like HSPU and no MUs at all. Alain simply gets his power from his dimples.

We made it? Oooh we made it! From this experience, we came out closer as teammates and friends, and nothing could top that. Our positive attitude just rubbed off each other. We hope to continue just like that!

Advice for other teams

Always keep your head up and your feet on the ground. For the teams who didn’t make it, there’s always next year. Stay hungry. For the teams who made it, congratulations and we look forward to sweating with you guys on the wod floor. Hahaha.