Team PikaCHUAs & BORBEsaur


Mike BORBE, Ring Leader, doting father of 3, Pokemon Go Gamer Level 20
Dan CHUA, Anger Management Issues, 2 beautiful toddlers, Pokemon Go Gamer Level 26
Ave CHUA, Aspiring Philanthropist/Billionaire, Tiger Mom of 2 kids, Pokemon Go Gamer Level 22

We form Team PikaCHUAS & BORBEsaur. Pretty self-explanatory.


All of us pretty much started out with some semblance of an athletic background. Mike was a varsity volleyball and badminton player in high school. Dan was also a varsity volleyball player and continues to regularly play basketball. Ave was a competitive cyclist and joined triathlons prior to having kids. We all met relatively the same time during CFMNL San Juan’s fledging year in 2015. It was our first foray into CrossFit. We fell for it — hook,
line and sinker.


Our Story

Trying out for the Masters Scaled Division for the MTD Team Qualifiers was a random suggestion one day between Mike and Ave. It was a week before the registration deadline. The idea was mainly to measure how we would fare against other participants and maybe to bring our workouts up a notch. Mike had a forthcoming business trip to the US the entire month of October so the prospect of being part of the main event in November 5 was never really considered. We just had to look for another teammate. Luckily, Dan came on board two days before the registration deadline and our Fates were sealed. We weren’t too pleased with our WOD qualifier scores just because we did not really prepare for it. When we found out that there twenty teams vying for only four slots in our division, we felt that our chance of making it was bleak.  But we were wrong, we surprisingly made it to the top spot!

We were on our way to the Manila Throwdown. The real challenge had begun. As a team, we would have to train independently due to conflicting schedules. And most probably, like every other individual who made it to the Finals, taking it easy during the workouts was no longer an option. There was a natural stimulus to make the best of each and every session. When the Throwdown WODs were finally released, new obstacles arose. There were WODs that had rope climbs and assault bike. We had never done these movements! We were forced to trespass to other boxes to try their ropes and assault bikes. In the light of things, all was not in vain! We got to meet a lot of amazing people along the way too.

The Throwdown

Days leading to November 5 were nerve wracking. Although we refused to believe any one athlete joining this sort of competition would be 100% confident with his/her training, the task at hand was still daunting. We arrived early to the Tent in Acacia on Throwdown Day. We met fellow competitors, and they all unanimously expressed the same feelings of anxiety– which was comforting to know! The Throwdown comprised of four different WOD events staggered throughout the day. We just went through the motions like all the athletes on the WOD floor, giving the spectators the “Show of a Lifetime”. Eventually, the tension slowly ebbed after every WOD. After the final workout, the pressure felt miraculously lifted. It was definitely an amazing feeling! People were rejoicing, grinning from ear to ear and giving each other pats on the back.


Our Take-away

As we talk about this now, we are still definitely on cloud 9. Truly the experience was worth all the pre-Throwdown anxiety and suffering during the WODs. We deeply value the lessons we have learned. When you work together as a unit, you realize that team strength comes from understanding each other, listening to each other and trusting one another. When one fails, the team falters. Being in a team makes you the best person you can be. And for us, this is a bigger victory than the medals we wear.