A First for the Cool Kids


I had began my CrossFit journey by attending Bootcamp classes with my dad, and while I was catching my breath after one of the workouts, I saw people effortlessly lifting weights and people handstand walking like they were on their feet. I was in awe, and I immediately turned to my dad to tell him that I wanted to be just like them. I started joining WOD classes, and fast forward a few months, I could feel myself improving through the continuous help I received from my coaches and boxmates. Right when I thought I was actually getting stronger, though, I was proved wrong. I went to watch the Manila Throwdown Individual Competition, and I was left speechless at how strong everyone was. It was intimidating, but at the same time, it left me longing for improvement.


A few months after the competition, I found out that there was going to be a Manila Throwdown Team Edition. I laughed at myself for even thinking about competing because I was nowhere close to the athletes I had seen in the contest, but out of nowhere, I received a message from one of my coaches asking me if I wanted to join the qualifiers. Of course, without even weighing things first, I had already said yes. I had been teamed up with two of the youngest members of our box, Bern Llanes and Louie Chuaquico, and we decided call ourselves the Trifecta Cool Kids. We barely had time to train together, but when we did have the chance to, we made the most of our time by strategizing and planning for each of the qualifying WODs. ThereThere is, undoubtedly, a first time for everything. The first time a baby cries, the first paycheck a person receives, or maybe even the first time a person realizes that they love something; and although it may seem a little cliché, these first time experiences are some of the most significant moments in a person’s life. Six months ago, I had stepped into a CrossFit box for the first time; and just this month, CrossFit has taken me into another “first” that I will never forget.


There were still challenges we had to face like injuries and conflicts in schedules, but being able to accomplish all four qualifying workouts together made everything worthwhile. Our team always focused on giving our best and just having fun on the WOD floor. After submitting our scores, we could not do anything, but wait patiently and optimistically for the results. We waited the whole day to see the scores, and we ranked 27th out of the 80 registered teams. I was grateful that we had made it to the 27th spot, and although only twenty-four teams were going to make it to the cut, I was still secretly hoping that we would receive a wildcard invitation. Who would have thought that one day later, we would actually receive the wildcard invitation we had been praying for?


This experience was definitely one of my favorite “firsts” because it was something I never saw coming. I used to think that becoming strong was achievable on my own, but through my first throwdown-qualifier experience, I learned that a team that works together becomes invincible. Although we each had our own set of doubts and weaknesses, we were were still able to bring out the best in each other. I would have been afraid to take on the qualifiers alone, but with my teammates by my side, I had nothing to worry about. They gave me the confidence that I needed to push myself. I am grateful, most especially, for our coaches’ guidance and boxmates’ cheers that helped us get through every rep of the qualifiers because without them, our team would not have made it this far. We may not be the strongest team out there, but we have teamwork that could take us to the top. We will train as hard as we can, and make sure we put up a good fight on November 5th for the community.

-Jian Tan, Team Trifects Cool Kids, CFMNL Quezon Ave.