Team Chunk and Jerks

We are Team Chunk and Jerks!
Team Members: Jeny Trinidad, Clinton Buzon, and Marjay Zara
The Team:
Jeny – I’ve never been into a gym or tried any sport outside my P.E. classes in college until I learned about CrossFit.  It’s been 2 years now since I started CrossFit and what I really love about it (aside from the cute coaches!) is the community – I instantly feel I belong to a cool family.  I’ve never felt alone or left behind regardless of how long or tough the workout is.  Whether you’re underweight or a little bit on the chubby side, popular model/actor, college hipster wearing neon socks, yuppie millennial in a man bun, grand dad, sporty high school kid, Tita of Manila, annoying clingy couple, a doctor, parent or professional athlete, everyone is in equal footing and shares the same dose of suffering on a daily basis – and the best part is, you will see everyone back the next day with smiles on their faces!
Clinton – I actively play Basketball and Badminton outside of work.  What convinced me to do CrossFit last January 2015 was I realized I needed to lose weight to improve my performance in sports and to continue to do things I’m passionate about.  I really love the sense of community in CrossFit and it’s the experience of ‘shared suffering’ with other athletes that keeps me coming back to the box.
Marjay – I used to play different sports before but because of work, I couldn’t find time to play anymore and I realized that my gym routine for years was no longer working for me.  I started CrossFit last 2014 to have a quick but effective and sustainable fitness routine.  Two years later, I’m still doing CrossFit – feeling and looking healthier!  What I really like about CrossFit is the element of surprise and unpredictability – you don’t know how awesome or crappy your score/time would be.  It keeps me grounded and competitive – everyday, there’s always someone who can challenge and beat your score!
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Why did we join MTD 2016?
We’re all from the crazy Eastwood morning crew, a group of probably the hardest and toughest athletes you’ll ever meet in a class in any box in this country!  Negative reinforcement is our daily breakfast – from swearing to calling people weird names, you name it!  Our mental toughness has exponentially improved in a very short span of time, which can be considered a key strength in our team.
We have different reasons for joining MTD 2016 – from simply having fun to missing the adrenaline and thrill of joining a regional CrossFit event.  But the common thing among the 3 of us is to have fun while training for something big!  We teamed up because we know that we will do this together without stressing ourselves out and we just really want to enjoy every moment of it.  This is solid proof that we share the same thinking as to how CrossFit should be – F.U.N.!
We’ve never teamed up in any WOD before the qualifiers and in fact, we joined different teams from the last box throwdown.  When the Qualifier workouts came out, that was the only time we started talking about the throwdown LOL!  To prepare for the qualifiers, we just showed up regularly in the box and did the WOD – nothing really fancy.
We’re done with 3 out of the 4 WODs and we have no plans of redoing anything!  It’s a deliberate decision from the 3 of us that we will give our all right the first time – we live by the mantra of ‘WALANG TITIGIL no matter what until the clock officially stops!’  Repeating the workout may tire us out and gradually reduce the ‘fun’ element of the entire thing.  There were some instances in the WODs where we beat our ‘best case’ target rounds.  Some of us even PR’d with lack of sleep and after pigging out at McDonald’s days before.  The key challenge we’ve been experiencing is finding a common time to do the WODs.  We all have full time day jobs, working on different time zones BUT of course, when you commit yourself to doing something, you will always find a way!
Random anxiety attacks – this is what we’ve been experiencing from the past couple of days.  We can’t help but think about how we fare against other athletes and if we get enough reps/time to qualify.  But it helps to remind ourselves this is supposed to be fun! To our fellow athletes, keep on posting your WOD videos in social media (don’t forget to keep it public!)  You are helping other teams to strategize better, do the WODs more efficiently and lastly, beat you!  Kidding aside, best of luck to everyone and we hope we qualify! LOL
-Team Chunk and Jerks, CFMNL Eastwood