Suck It Up


I’m one of those people who honestly hated going to the gym. And to be fair, I have enrolled in many different gyms since college to come to that conclusion. The idea of working out alone, using different kinds of machines — and not knowing what they actually did for me– didn’t really work for me. After a few times of dragging myself to workout, like most of us have felt at least once before, I quickly lost interest. So, aside from occasionally playing some sports with friends, I was pretty much living a sedentary lifestyle.

Luckily, when the pounds kept adding up and the appetite kept getting bigger and bigger, my cousin and now workout buddy convinced me to enroll in CrossFit MNL Commonwealth. It was the nearest non-gym- type of place from our place, so why the hell not, right? I seriously needed to work on that ever-elusive six-pack I’ve dreamed of since maybe high school.

So, the day of the Bootcamp trial came and it was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve done ever! I vividly remember doing countless burpees while jumping over a pipe as my vision became blurry and twinkling lights started to appear. My whole body ached for a full week afterwards. But, since my cousin and I promised to go at it together without missing a workout day, I had to suck it up and work through the pain (dramatic, I know.).

Fast forward to three months, I’ve realized why CrossFit was getting all the hype it deserves. When I start seeing the numbers on the scale drop, when my thighs and legs don’t go jelly if I wiggle them anymore, and when I suddenly notice my behind is getting a bit of a butt lift, I know it’s working. Everyday is different so I really don’t get bored with the same repetitive workout. And it’s definitely a plus being surrounded by like-minded people in a very welcoming and friendly environment.

Banjo Cordero, CFMNL Commonwealth