Stronger In 2017


I didn’t care. I loved eating! Whenever I felt hungry, I would look for food and just munched and munched. I grew up being fat, “chubby boy”  they called me, I was bullied too! When I was in college, something came up and so I decided to go on diet and enroll in a local gym. I succeeded and became “fit” or “thin”. After sometime, I got my professional license, then I started to gain weight because of work and ended up eating again when I’d get bored. I didn’t have a so called sport that I was really into other than running. Whenever my friends/officemates joined fun runs in the metro, that was the only time I would run and get to mobilize myself and somehow exercise.

Last year we were informed at work that a gym was going to open just at the ground floor of the building. Curious about it, we asked management and they emailed us that it was going to be a “CrossFit” gym. That was the first time I had heard of it; so I researched about it, got to read reviews and got interested to join. When CrossFitMNL Mall of Asia finally opened, my friends and I signed up for Bootcamp class and the rest was history.

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To be honest, I don’t have a “favorite” workout or movement. In fact, it’s really tiring! But I can say that I like the program as a whole because it helped me lose the weight. Like what the health guru’s says when going into fitness, it’s worth the sweat!  I also love the family-like bonding in the box. I got to meet new people and made many new friends! They also inspire me and keep me motivated!


Joining Bootcamp changed me a lot. It didn’t just help me lose weight, but I am also more disciplined! I’m definitely getting stronger and healthier and I’ve still been eating, but eating right! I learned to be patient too, and to trust in the process.

Disclaimer: After the wonderful holidays and all the celebrating, I gained a bit of weight back haha but I am looking forward to the work and the progress! Also the continued weight loss and my upcoming graduation to CrossFit WoD class!

-Phoebus Leonzon, CFMNL Mall of Asia