Sportsfest Hyped


I was really hyped when I learned that we were going to have a Sportsfest. I immediately thought it would be a good opportunity to meet new friends from other boxes. Our team got together for basketball practice every other Saturday– which is why I was really confident and had no doubt we would bag the trophy. I saw that our team was stacked with talent and that we had definitely built chemistry through the scrimmages.

On the day of the Sportsfest, the games were far from a walk in the park! Our opponent, Team North, had really pushed us to our limits! They showed grit and never gave up until the final buzzer. We needed a very competitive do or die game to secure the championship. I guess this makes the victory much sweeter and kudos also to team North for a well fought series!

Just like in the box, we had a very tiring workout, but it was all worth it! It was a fun experience and I’m definitely looking forward to doing it again next year!

-Franzel Munez, CFMNL Fort BGC

Here’s a short video of what other members had to say about Sportsfest 2016!