Samsung Gear S2 Experience


“How do we use a fitness watch in a throwdown? Or even in a class?” That was the question in the minds of the coaches when Samsung approached CFMNL for a tie-up for the release of their Gear S2 watch. At first, the task may seem hard to do but this Gear surely proved us wrong.

Let’s face it: most of us who do CrossFit or Bootcamp don’t really use a fitness watch for our programming and activities. We mostly just jot down our 1RM back squat, our Fran time, our best 5km run in a notebook or an app and refer to these figures only when we need it. Little did we know that the Samsung Gear S2 would open our eyes to a lot more things that we must consider as measures to our fitness regimen.

When the coaches got their Samsung Gear S2 smartwatches, we quickly got to testing and integrating the watch in our own fitness program. We were amused by the design of the watch and how easy it was to use and its functionalities – you’re basically ready to go with just one turn of the bezel!

Through this watch, the coaches were able to point out the use of our heart rate, the amount of calories burned, and knowing our training sensitive zone in fully optimizing our fitness program. These were immediately considered as additional measures or scores in determining the effectiveness of our workouts.

We translated these learning into the program of the Bootcamp classes, where the Bootcampers used these measures to score their workouts and at the same time were made aware of the importance of keeping these measures in check every time they consider doing a physical activity. This was truly a different experience for both the coaches and the Bootcampers and it truly enriched our fitness experience.

On the day of the Samsung Gear S2 Throwdown, we were pleasantly surprised to see that a lot of those who participated were first timers, which is probably why a lot of them were a little serious at the start of the day.

On the other hand, some of the more experienced athletes were already warming up and getting mentally prepared; even eyeing the smartwatches while practicing the movements. But like we always remind the athletes, it’s about having fun!

To start off the throwdown, we wanted to hear what the athletes thought about the watch and why they wanted to win. Mela and Jep mentioned that they saw the benefits of having a smartwatch to track their workouts – as an extension of their phone – that it was durable, and that it was well designed. We, as coaches, were really happy to hear that since we wanted to share this to our athletes.

The WODs happened simultaneously per division, but before each workout, the coaches demonstrated how we were going to incorporate the watch. Because of the rotating bezel and overall design of the watch, it was easy for the athletes to follow along with our demo.

Each division had two different sets of WODs to do for the elimination round. For the first part, the men stayed at the box’s parking lot so that the Gear S2 could properly measure their steps when doing AMRAP of KB swings and a 100m run per set, all within 12 minutes.

Meanwhile, the women stayed inside the box and counted how many calories they burned while doing 100 DUs, 30 deadlifts, 50 hand release pushups, 30 deadlifts, and 100 DUs for the CF category.

The bootcamp division was altered a bit to match their expertise: 200 singles, 30 kettlebell deadlifts, 50 hand releases, 30 kettlebell deadlifts, and 200 singles had to be completed before competitors could officially finish the WOD.

After the first set of WODs, it was time for the men and women to trade places. It was the women’s turn to perform under the scorching sun, while the men stayed in the air-conditioned box.

The final round was a whole different ball game. As if the WOD activities didn’t tire competitors enough, the last set of activities was definitely a challenge for each one of them. The coaches had to see how fast they finished a workout, while testing their endurance, cardio, strength, and over all performance within a 15-minute time limit.

After the workouts, the athletes were surprised to see that some of them didn’t burn as much or didn’t take as many steps as they thought. This made them think twice about the effort they were putting in and we think this helped give the finalists the drive to push a little harder in the finals workout.

At the end of the day, the 9 winners, all got to take home goodies from Fuel Kitchen, Wagyu toppings, Tanks and Traps, Proven, Samsung Earphones and of course a Gear S2 of their own!


Rx Division

1st – Allan Alvarez

2nd – Andre Lotuaco

3rd – Rom Guevara


Bootcamp Men

1st – Tim De Dios

2nd- Aaron Anciano

3rd – Nikko Espenilla


Bootcamp Women

1st – Faith Ty

2nd – Nikki Silos

3rd – Flo Diaz


We were very happy to see that even those who didn’t take home a Samsung Gear S2 were happy with their performance because they saw how much they’ve improved. Aside from that, they were able to maximize the watch, have a great competition, and have fun with the community. Overall, it was a great day for new experiences and it got better with every turn thanks to the Gear S2.