Road to Fitness


Four months into CrossFit, I thought I was doing a pretty good job at powering through the workouts so I signed up for the Monsoon Throwdown. I figured it was a good way to gauge what my body is capable of. Seeing my box mates train hard also encouraged me to challenge myself. I was initially stoked until a week prior to the throwdown when the nerves kicked in. There was still so much I couldn’t do well so the idea of competing with experienced CrossFitters scared me. I then worried about things like my form and how much I can lift. I was psyching myself out and potentially choking on the throwdown started to cloud my mind.


photo credit: David Lee

Despite some inhibitions, I actively trained with my teammates. We spent extra time in the box to practice and do skill work. Our coaches even noticed how eager we were so they let us in on some extra workouts and tips on making movements more efficient. My teammates and I didn’t prepare a game plan though because we wanted it to be as fun and as organic as possible. I remember we all agreed to just wing it since overthinking the process takes the fun away.


photo credit: David Lee

I came in the day of the throwdown scared but at the same time I just wanted to get it over and done with. I honestly only banked on adrenaline rush for me to power through the day. When it was time for the first WoD, I got overwhelmed with the crowd so I choked on my first few lifts. I had to take a second to gain focus. There’s no describing the relief that I felt after that first WoD because that’s what I had the most trouble getting right. After that, everything was a breeze! I knew what my mindset should be so the next two workouts were relatively easier for me.

The Monsoon throwdown was definitely a memorable CrossFit ‘first’ for me– from all the late night open gym sessions to last minute carb loading with my box mates. I also couldn’t help but take pride in what my body did which I honestly couldn’t do two weeks ago. I’m really happy with how my body keeps surprising me with new skills I unlock along the way.


photo credit: David Lee

The road to fitness with CrossFit might be taxing but training around a supportive community makes it just so heartening.

-Mike Batobalonos, CFMNL Mall of Asia