Before CrossFit, my life revolved around work, eating, and sleeping. I was never really the sporty type. I didn’t have a lot of physically challenging hobbies growing up (aside from competitive pancit canton eating). The closest I got to actually doing a sport was during PE classes back in college, and that was 5 years ago! After graduating, working in the culinary industry didn’t help as well as it just contributed to my ever-expanding waistline. Obviously, fitness wasn’t really a big part of my life back then.

I joined CFMNL around February earlier this year. I decided to join because I knew I was in dire need of a physically active outlet. A friend of mine, who’s an avid CrossFitter for a couple of years now, had been suggesting that I try out CrossFit. Luckily, the Makati CBD box is near where I’m working at currently.

I must confess, at first I thought Crossfit wasn’t going to work for me. I saw the WoD and the Bootcamp workout on my first day and I immediately wanted to run away and never look back. It looked exhausting, it looked complicated, and more importantly it looked very, VERY hard. But I stood my ground, did the Bootcamp, and after that first day of working out, I knew I was immediately hooked (though REALLY sore for a few days).

4 months in, and I still go everyday. I like that I see myself improving in terms of endurance, mobility, and strength. I enjoy the fact that the workouts are designed differently everyday so that it never gets boring. I like that CrossFit has sparked a competitive side inside of me, pushing me to improve day after day. But most importantly, I love the fact that I am surrounded by people who motivate me to do my best. Seeing these people everyday, seeing the way they work and constantly get better with you, it’s amazing. I feel lucky to have met a lot of people and made friends within the box. It actually makes the whole process of working out easier and more fun.

Motivation-wise, it’s astounding what encouragement, like-mindedness, and a spirit to improve does for one’s fitness goals. Being inside the box, it’s something else, honestly. I feel like it’s not just the process of improving my fitness that motivates me, but also the fact that I’m doing this with people who wants to help and improve with me. CrossFit is not just a place to work out; it’s a community that motivates and inspires.

Kimo Villanueva, CFMNL Makati