Tip of the Week: 5 Tips on Preparing for the Team Throwdown


The Manila Team Throwdown Team Edition 2016 Qualifying WoDs are out today! There is excitement, there is anxiety, there is intensity in the air! So here are some tips to approach this season with your team mates!

  1. Get to know your TEAM MATES.

To be able to work together, you have to get to know one another. If you aren’t too familiar with your team mates, make the effort to hangout or make conversation. Learn about each other outside of the box as well as in the box. It’s important to learn each others’ strengths and weaknesses too so you can see how you can each contribute to the team.


Make time to train together so you can feel out your team dynamic! One may be more of a leader while the others followers… and getting the work in together will inspire you more to push harder for the group. As a team you’re supposed to be a unit. Training on your own will make you strong, but together you’ll get even stronger.

  1. EAT WELL.

“Eat well” doesn’t necessarily mean less or “no carbs”. It means eat what your body needs. Protein, vegetables, complex carbs, etc. Avoid sugar, alcohol, junk food and the like! You have to take care of your body, and keep in mind that you’re also doing this for your team. Imagine you are an expensive car… you wouldn’t put LPG in your Ferrari would you?

  1. Warm up and MOBILIZE.

It’s important to get warm and mobilize before any workout. This will keep you away from injuries and help you perform better! Here are tips from a previous blog of our physiotherapist Trix Bacani:

5 Mobility Exercises to Get You CrossFit Manila Throwdown Ready

  1. Have FUN!

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Pressure is the worst thing you can put on each other, remember that you guys are also doing this to have fun! Push as far as you can and give your all with smiles on your faces :)

Good Luck, athletes!