Never Going Back


Growing up, I wasn’t really an active person, although I played a couple of sports like basketball and volleyball. When I was in high school, I used to play for the school’s varsity team for volleyball, but that’s pretty much it. I stopped doing sports when I was in college, and it felt like sports weren’t for me anymore. As a culinary arts graduate, it’s quite hard for me to resist eating a lot as I am exposed to a lot of food in culinary school and especially at work.

I used to be overweight at 190 lbs. There were times that I felt really bad about it and I had a lot of insecurities. A year after I graduated, I decided to refrain from eating too much. I realized it’s time for me to start moving and lose some weight. In my own experience, I used to workout at home, alone. There is nothing really wrong about that, but the thing about working out at home is you lack technique and that motivation to go past your limits. A day came when I felt really tired and I had barely seen results, I eventually stopped working out and just focused on my diet. But that didn’t get me any better, so I quit. I finally came to a decision to seek help from a professional gym.
For some, including myself, I find it really intimidating to workout in a traditional gym. I initiated several research and inquiries about which type of gym or program suits my needs according to what my fitness goal which is to tone up and lose weight. Then came CrossFit in the picture. I’ve seen photos on Facebook and heard stories about it, which left me astoundingly curious. It took weeks before I finally made up my mind to join CrossFit. Through those weeks, I did a series of research on what is it all about, where I should start and what to expect. I got a bit nervous after reading a couple of reviews and articles online but it also gave me this huge feeling of excitement. Then I finally signed up and started immediately.

In just a span of 2 months, CrossFit has shaken me into a whole new lifestyle. My everyday routine was generally changed and I started to follow new set of activities. As part of my transition, I even created a meal diet plan to support the work out. CrossFit is more than the high intensity workouts and body conditioning. The thing that I like about CrossFit, it operates as a motivational community. You are surrounded with people who challenge you and at the same time, support and motivate you throughout your fitness journey. My first week in CrossFit was extremely hard, wherein your body tries to adjust and feel a lot of pain all over your body. It felt like I wanted to quit but I realized this was what I really needed and I considered it as a progress. Despite the technicality and intensity of the workouts, it never fails to let you really enjoy and feel great about the results. With the results comes gained confidence.

As a community, you get to meet a diverse group of people from different industries getting together for fitness. As you workout everyday, it gives you the opportunity to talk and share stories with your box mates. Everyday is like a social event for all CrossFit athletes. And as a person who doesn’t do well in socializing, it’s good practice!
To be honest, right now, I am more than motivated to work out, I’m addicted to it. I currently go to the box an average 5-6 times a week and sometimes I even do double WoDs. It gives you the impression of once you
start, you can never go back. It really changed my perspective on what physically fit means, in a very interesting way.
Matt Macalalad,   CFMNL Makati CBD