My Merry Sexy Christmas!


There were Bootcamp trials in Nuvali in July 2014 and that got it for me. Late Aug 2014, I joined CFMNL Alabang with a little push from my CrossFit buddies. Prior, I was enrolled in a gym and aerial yoga studio then and was wanting to try other workouts. My impression was that people were more competitive and serious about their numbers here. I was also impressed with the coaches’ expertise.


Initially you will feel you’re a newbie but later on you realize its one whole family here. The first community event i attended was the CFMNL Monsoon throwdown in 2015 then the one in 2016.




I sadly never got to attend any of the CFMNL Christmas parties due to my busy schedule. BUT when coach Xhi told me I have to attend this year because I have an award, I thought this is the year I will finally show up!… Still I was not early enough to receive it. But I bought a hat from the mall, to make sure I was in theme haha. I was awarded CFMNL Ms. Aesthetica 2016!


During the party, my boxmates and people from other boxes were really having fun, shouting and rooting for their favorites during the Lip Sync Battle and the awards. I really enjoyed the presentations of the different boxes. And it was also a delight to see some coaches perform!

CFMNL isn’t just a gym, it’s a gathering of people from different walks of life with a common passion. And we all work hard, but we know how to have fun too! We work together and celebrate! My award is just as much my box mates as it is mine.



Irma Velarde, CFMNL Alabang, CFMNL Ms. Aesthetica 2016