Manila Throwdown Newbies Tell All


The Manila Throwdown Individuals last June 4-5 was a wonderful and successful event! Many spectators said they felt inspired to keep training, even inspired to compete someday! Others experienced and appreciated the warmth and togetherness of the community. But what about the athletes? We were curious to know what the throwdown athletes felt and went through that day. To be more specific, we closed in on some of the Manila Throwdown newbies. Here’s what some of them had to say!

photo credit: WoD Chaser

In video:

Jigs Mayuga, Masters Scaled Division Champ, CFMNL Fort BGC

Allan Alvarez, Masters Scaled Division, CFMNL Fort BGC

Sonia Pascual, Female Scaled Division, CFMNL Fort BGC

Radi Custorio, Male Scaled Division, CFMNL Makati

Ashley Fruno, Female RX Division, CFMNL Makati

Jules Gatmaitan, Male RX Division, CFMNL Alabang

Bernard Fah, Masters RX Division, CFMNL Eastwood

Angela Fernandez, Female Scaled Division, CFMNL Eastwood

Written interview with Cher Herrera, Female Scaled Division, CFMNL Kapitolyo

1. If you could describe your first experience of the Manila Throwdown in ONE WORD, what would it be?

2. What was your favorite part of being a competitor?

My hatest / turned my favorite part, was when you get all anxious and nervous when your heat is about to go next. I realized I love/ hate the feeling. CrossFit is a love/ hate relationship after all. You hate the feeling when you get all wasak during the metcon and then love the feeling because you feel good afterwards. I think that’s the pleasure of it.

3. What was going through your mind before you stepped onto the WOD floor?

All out! This WOD is mine.

4. Did you have any fear at all that you would accidentally fart during any of the lifts? Did you feel the urge at all while on the WOD floor?

Lol. Unfortunately the pre- work out I took from coach Zeb makes you all gassy. But I made sure I didn’t. Hehe.

5. What were the funniest or most interesting cheers you heard from the crowd?

Most interesting, when the night Krew were there shouting for my name during my lifts. I love them. Also, the positivity of the people around greeting you saying “you did well” “you were good”. It always feels good to compliment each other and lift each other up. I know everyone is already tired from the event WODs but we all kept fighting to finish well. Those words of encouragement really are GOLD.

6. Describe your rituals before stepping into a WOD.

Of course, a prayer is needed to keep you sane and for sustenance of strength to finish well. Your part is to do your best and be all out! Compose yourself mentally and do a very nice warm up/ mobility!

7. Would you consider doing this again? Why?

YES. Ofcourse. Most definitely will. Competing is so fun you get to really test all the hard work of training and most importantly learn more about yourself. It’s something you look forward to. Progress.