Maintaining My Figure Over The Holidays


I started doing CrossFit around 9 months ago. I was fortunate enough to have a CFMNL box near where I worked so it was easier for me to integrate it into my daily routine. The first days were a mix of feelings: dread, intimidation, and shyness. I’ve never been much of an athlete, and watching the WODders lift literally made me want to run away, but I stuck it out and learned to love the challenges.


photo by: David Lee

Aside from helping me lead an active lifestyle, CrossFit has showed me that there is more to my body that what I initially thought it can do. That there is skinny and there is fit, & the difference between just looking good and gaining actual strength. CrossFit helped me better understand what I need to do to improve, to better myself. Its pushed me to correct my posture, my diet, and how I view sports. Overall, CrossFit’s become a big part of my life.


What I love most about CFMNL is the camaraderie. The box isn’t just a place to workout, and sweat, and tire yourself out, it’s a community that pushes and motivates you to do your best. It’s a community that gives back, a community that thrives cause of how positive and how dedicated the members are. It’s not just a gym, but a place to socialize. I’ve met so many people from different industries, and countries in CFMNL, people I would’ve never met if I didn’t go to the box. It’s amazing, really.

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With the holidays fast approaching, admittedly, it’s been difficult for me to juggle my work and my usual workout schedule. With all the craziness happening, I haven’t been able to workout as much as I used to. But I do intend to still workout over the holidays, esp. right after Christmas Noche Buena! Thankfully the box is scheduled to be open right before and after Christmas!


Prior to the feasting though, I will be preparing by attending the NOCHE BUENA WOD! It’s going to be fun to see the coaches sweat and grunt and work with us through the program for a change. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be intense, and they will push us to keep up with them. There will be a lot of cheering and a lot of motivating, for sure. So make sure you don’t miss out and be at your home box by 10am on December 24!

All I want for Christmas is to break my PRs, unlock my muscle up, handstand pushup, and handstand walk, and gain a butt worthy to be compared to Carl Chabon. 😉