How CFMNL Got Me Fit for the Holidays!


I joined CFMNL Fort last May. I had little idea how it goes and how things are done. At first, I found it challenging but having supportive and encouraging people around me made it a lot easier and fun. I admire how everyone here puts in time and hard work to be fit and healthy. They serve as an inspiration for me to get better.


Three months into it, I joined the Monsoon Throwdown. They said it would be just like any other workout day and everyone seemed to be joining, so I did too. On the day of the Throwdown, I found out that the workouts were so much more tiring. I thought I was never going to finish it! I thankfully had my encouraging teammates and boxmates to help me through it. Everyone was competitive yet friendly at the same time. In the end, I got to push myself even more while having fun.

When the holiday season came, they announced that there would be a Christmas party for the whole CFMNL community. I thought it would be great to see people from other boxes and see everyone in a non-workout setting. I also surprisingly was nominated by my box mates  for the Bootcamp Rookie of the Year Award!

There was good food and drinks, CFMNL Awards, a Raffle, and a Lip Sync Battle! It was fun to watch each boxes’ performance and also hear how their respective boxes cheered for them. All of them were very funny and entertaining. Of course, seeing the Fort box coaches perform was the best part! It was also a great time to hang out with my boxmates and also to get to know people from other boxes. Definitely, “Mad Holidaze 2016” showed that everyone in this community is fun to be with both in and outside the box.

Karmela Noble, CFMNL Fort

Nominee for Bootcamp Rookie of the Year