Kippin It Bitter


We are Team “Kipping it Bitter”: Andrew “Dru” De Guzman, Jhanssen Faust “JC” Castillo and Patricia “Patty” Salas.



Before entering into CrossFit, I was a competitive swimmer back in high school. After that stint, I started going to the regular gym, but I found it monotonous. A friend introduced me to CrossFit 3 years ago and I started learning the movements through Youtube. So I continued to go to the gym using the basic CrossFit movements. At that time, I still could not find the time to balance studying and keeping fit. But now, as a practicing lawyer, I try to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle through CrossFit and I use it as an outlet to eliminate stress.


I am an Ophthalmologist, a father,  and husband to my wife Eda, who also does CrossFit with me. I grew up in an environment wherein my parents constantly encouraged me to join extra-curricular activities which included arts, sports and music. However, medical school came as a stumbling block when it came to fitness. I turned to nicotine and caffeine to be able to catch up with the pile-load of readings. My weight sky-rocketed in one swoop. Same as Patty, I tried working out in the gym but experienced a plateau until 2 years ago, when I was introduced to CrossFit. It was daunting for me due to the intense workouts. Despite the challenge which comes with CrossFit, I regularly train to be an athlete and I’m currently studying to earn my Level 1 CrossFit Training Certification. I love CrossFit because of the family that comes with it and the discipline which I undoubtedly gained from it.


I am a businessman, and I was introduced to CrossFit 2 years ago. I was not into any sport prior but like my teammates, I quickly grew interested and fell in love with the community. I’ve been doing CrossFit regularly along with my wife.


Kipping it Bitter for 2016 is actually a 2nd version of it already. Back in 2015, Dru and JC were already teammates under the same team name. Their female athlete, Erna de Guzman, who is also the wife of Dru, recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Unfortunately, Erna could not go back to CrossFit just yet. Patty, who was training in CFMNL Makati under Head Coach Nathan Nono, recently transferred back to CFMNL BangBox. Since all of us were training in the AM classes, we decided to team up and try to hurdle the qualifiers of the Manila Throwdown.



Before the Manila Throwdown qualifiers, we were not able to train together. Aside from seeing each other do the regular WOD programming of CFMNL, we did not have the chance to train as a team.

Now just like any other team, we brainstorm and strategize as we approach each qualifying WOD. Acknowledging each other’s weaknesses is also key in the preparation for each WOD. Communication is always the foundation of any team sport and CrossFit it’s not any different.

This first week was daunting, our team still had to gauge each other’s strengths and weaknesses to be able to compensate and give support to each other. Notwithstanding, we kept in mind that the qualifiers, despite the pressure, should always be fun.

To all teams competing, don’t forget to have fun! We wish you all good luck and we hope to see you on November 5!

-Team Kipping it Bitter, CFMNL Alabang