I believe a good life is a balanced life.
A healthy body, mind and spirit is key to happiness.

For a long time the “healthy body” portion on my scale was close to nil. Acquiring supplements was my answer to a “Healthy Body”.
That all changed when my daughter Mia brought me to CFMNL, we both checked out the place and tried out for a class.


I am 52 yrs. old and I am always up for a challenge, anyone I mention “Bootcamp” to warns me about the possible injuries i can inflict on myself from the strenuous and rigorous exercises.  But the coaches offer scaled down movements of the exercises to suit all members. Rule is,do whats comfortable, one advice they gave was “leave your ego outside the door!”.  So if you are anything like me who wants variety in your routine, challenging your body, setting new records (with caution), making new friends and finding a second home in your gym, then you need to visit CFMNL Kapitolyo. Their schedules will fit almost any lifestyle, coaches are all certified and creative , cost is reasonable , and the overall vibe is really supportive and positive.

Bootcamp is for all ages, my 13 and 16 yrs old kids are enrolled in “CrossFit Teens”and look forward to Saturdays!
I have to admit I am hooked!

Try out for a class, it’s fun and fulfilling . What have you got to lose ?! ..but inches!