The Good Good Life


Life before CrossFit was more or less bum-study-diet-repeat. I played soccer in high school, but that went away in college because of studies. The reason dieting became a cycle was because I didn’t find a reason to sustain it! Nobody likes to diet but I had to do it because i loved to eat while I bummed or studied. And it didnt help that milk tea happened while I was stressed in college haha

A friend referred me to join CFMNL back in 2012. I was hesitant at first cause it looked real hard! My first class was Barbara, a benchmark workout! What a good day to try! Haha! I puked a bit and I was humbled. And despite body soreness the next day, I found it really fun and effective!  I just kept coming back for more! The program varies everyday so it breaks monotony and cyclic methods plus I get to eat! Need I say more? :)


CrossFit isn’t just a workout program, in fact it is now a way of life for me. I believe it prevents chronic diseases (name it, it runs in the family!). Usually at this age, people in my family would have blood sugar issues! It also controls my weight sans diet restrictions! On top of that, the community is like an invisible glue that makes people keep coming back for more. More than a fitness activity, it builds friendships and gives you confidence in yourself, your body and enables you to have a healthy disatisfaction with the status quo. You just wanna get better! May it be the next pull up or lift, there is always something to work on.

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I can’t exactly point out what it was that made me show up at the gym day in and day out for sure, but there is definitely something about undergoing the same things with other people that makes you extra motivated. Plus, knowing that they are there for you and cheer you on that last rep– priceless! This is an experience not denied to anybody at all. We’re a community, a family!

After 4 years, I can go on and on about all the benefits and things I love about CrossFit. All in all, I’d say CrossFit is the perfect formula for the good good life!

Get after it!