Going for the Superbod


Since I started working for a film company, I have been so used to the long working hours and overeating to compensate for the stress. It went on and on for years that I overlooked an important aspect of my life – my health. I stepped on the weighing scale and the numbers I saw were as bad as the last horrible movie you saw. I was 25 and I weighed 210 pounds. 

From then on, I stopped counting the pounds and went on with my unhealthy lifestyle. I filed for sick leaves more often, complaining about gout, hyper-acidity and all sorts of body pain that my brain can imagine. I knew I had to put an end to it and I needed to take action. I signed up for a gym and got myself a trainer. 

The first few months were good. I started losing weight, even if I didn’t implement a significant change with the way I ate. Soon after, I got bored with my gym training and I signed up for boxing. I enjoyed boxing for the first few months but after I mastered the jabs and the punching bags, I found myself wanting to do more. Or something different. Bottom line, I was bored with my workout routine. That’s when I thought that I needed something that would excite and challenge me more. And that’s the only way that fitness, to me, will be sustainable. 

And then I heard about CrossFit. I got excited because every workout is different and everyday, I learn a new skill. It killed the very boredom that I was complaining about in my previous activities. Suddenly I found something that gives the right amount of challenge, excitement and learning. After months of doing CrossFit, I couldn’t stop talking about it. I talk about CrossFit more than I talk about my work, or the TV shows I watch, or the restaurants I frequent. Yes, I became that annoying person who talks about fitness every chance I get. But I won’t apologize for being a prophet of something that changed my life immensely. 

In CrossFit MNL-Commonwealth, it’s not just the typical CrossFit challenge that I got drawn to. One, there’s quality coaching. It’s rare to encounter coaches who are really interested to get to know you and your goals, so they can give you that extra push when you want to give up on that last rep. Two, the programming is challenging enough and doesn’t just promise results – it delivers them. And lastly, but to me is the most important factor, is the community. I never imagined that I would gain lifelong friends in the box. They are the reason why in days I don’t feel like working out at all, I’d wake up because I want to see them (and yes, work out with them haha). Day after day, we would chat about anything at all, eat together, diet together, drink together, have fun together. Yes, I am in love with CrossFit because I am in love with the community. 

Now, my learning in my fitness journey can be summed up in two words – discipline and motivation. Discipline is what makes me rise at 5:30 in the morning to work out everyday. It’s what makes me say no to sugar and carbs and makes me consume lean protein and vegetables instead. But motivation is what gets me through the rough days. Every time I feel like giving up, I constantly ask myself why I do this. Because at the end of the day, my health is an investment that gives sure returns. I do CrossFit because I love myself, my family and my friends that I care enough about living longer to spend more meaningful moments with them. 

I know I am still so far from reaching my funny personal goal of being a Century Tuna Superbod, but in our box, it’s not a joke that people don’t take seriously. If they believe that I can have six-pack abs, then why should I doubt myself? So #Abs2017, here I come!

-Kriz Gazmen, CFMNL Commonwealth