From FAT to FIT

I would only play basketball on Sundays and my fitness level was probably 5 out of 10. Other than that I’d go biking maybe once a year and tennis or badminton once in a while.
I wanted to regain fitness because my waistline was so big at 40-42 inches, I was 250 lbs, and my stomach was bigger than my success! A friend of mine invited me for a 3 day trial in CFMNL Makati. I kept asking him what he was doing and apparently he was doing CrossFit, so he thought of inviting me. He told me it was a very effective way to become healthy and strong.
On my first day, I couldn’t finish the workout, but the encouragement of the people inside the Box pumped me up. See I am the type of athlete that gets energy from other peoples cheers! I used to do 100,200,4 X 100, and 110 hurdles when I was in highschool, and 1st year college.”30 years ago and that’s what motivated me.
CrossFit has definitely helped me regain fitness. I can describe it like baby steps. I slowly regained my strength; from finding the workouts and lifts very hard and heavy to moderately hard, and now my box mates call my 245# back squat easy! I myself was so surprised I could do it! And this was soon after taking foundations 1 & 2.
I now have proper discipline in warm ups, proper hydration & the right attitude, and I feel like me from 32 years ago.
I’ve learned that age is just a number, and energy is the common denominator to get back lost time.
I am now 219.50 from 250! I lost 30 pounds since, my 2nd trial last January 7 and my goal is to hit 180lbs by the end of this year. Thank you CFMNL & to my friend who believed in me, when everybody laugh and doubted us. From FAT to FIT, it takes one giant step to regain back happiness, after all, Health is true wealth!