I was never involved in any sports as a child. I was insecure that I couldn’t win nor perform well in this field due to my small body. I was skinny and short. As far as I can recall the only physical activity or sports I had was during my physical education classes when I was a student. Other than that, none. I mostly spent my time in our chemistry laboratory and was busy culturing some specimen for our research paper (sounds so nerdy, right?).

The heaviest I was was 110 lbs. Then I realized that I couldn’t be “the skinny guy” anymore, the one that always looks like a kite when dressed-up. My shirts, polos, and trousers never fit me right. Everything looked so big on me. So I decided to look for a gym near my office, hoping that I can gain muscles! But I couldn’t find a gym that I was comfortable in.

One day, I passed by Gamboa street and saw the CFMNL Makati box. I was so curious and researched about it. At first I was hesitant to try it because based on my research the workouts were intense and heavy –and I was scared because I had no athletic background. It took a year before I finally gathered enough courage to sign-up for a CrossFit class. After 2 months of doing CrossFit, I started to really enjoy it! I’m also surprised with myself that I survived and was able to do this. That same month (April 2015), the Manila Throwdown was held in Makati University. Coaches encouraged us to watch the event and give support to the fellow box mates competing in the throwdown. I went to the event and watched. Surprisingly, after watching the “Fran” event,  I was left impressed with the athletes to the point that I wanted to do what they were doing. I wanted to join a throwdown! So from a simple goal of making my clothes fit me, I came up with a better goal in CrossFit and that was to get into a throwdown.


Fortunately, after the Manila throwdown. CFMNL Makati created this program called Athletes Development Pool a.k.a ADP. It is a specialized track open to all members who would like to take their fitness to a competitive level. I joined the program and trained. However, even I was able to unlock most of the gymnastic movements used in CrossFit, I struggled so much on how will I able to lift heavy for olympic lifts. Our coach told me that I really have to gain weight, as much as possible gain muscle mass for me to lift heavier. It was a challenge. A big challenge. I thought training hard will suffice but nutrition also definitely plays an important role. My body mass matters in this sport. It was a tough process. I had to eat a lot to meet my calorie count per day and train everyday.


Right now, I’m continuously training for the upcoming throwdown next year and still trying to eat a lot to gain weight. But I have to say, I’m now weighing 135 lbs [YEY!] from 110 lbs a year ago. Though my clothes still don’t fit me… it’s because they are already too small for me! CrossFit made me get out of my comfort zone and do things I never thought I could do. I never thought that I’d be training everyday at dawn for a competition and I am thankful for that. Thankful that I went beyond my limitations and unleashed my potential in a sport!

-Frian Moral, CFMNL Makati