Flabs to Abs Journey: Part 1


Flabs To Abs Challengers Share Their Journey With CFMNL, Part 1

As a brand new year begins anew, with twelve months to spare, some of us might think of wanting to get rid of those unhealthy habits to start a brand new year with brand new self. Most of us speak of and set these fitness goals which are commonly left written on our journals and diaries, unacted upon. However, here at CFMNL, we can give you a TON of reasons why you should get on your feet and start rolling with the fitness tide.

I guess, by now, we’re all familiar with the equation proper nutrition + efficient exercise = fitness, right? Proper nutrition and efficient exercise are the two fundamental parts of the fitness equation. Without one, the other won’t be as effective in getting the results you want.


One of the events that CFMNL organizes annually is a weight-loss challenge called The Flabs-To-Abs Challenge which aims to kickstart CFMNL member’s fitness goals of the year, both through proper nutrition and exercise.


What better way to lose your flabs than to get your heart racing and get your fats burning through CFMNL’s Bootcamps and WODs? But what will get you going? What will your everyday inspiration be to get to the box? Here’s what the Flabs to Abs Challengers think.


I love the community, as in! Sobrang sarap kasama ng mga like-minded people. Actually when I started CrossFit, goal ko lang is to lose weight, be fit… But now, parang primary reason to train is to be with the community, then secondary yung mga goals before.” -Stefanie Lim, CFMNL Quezon Ave

Stef is a full time mom and nurse who loves working out at CFMNL. As mentioned above, she loves the CrossFit community above anything else CrossFit.

It’s really [a] great experience. Niloloko nga nila ako na CrossFit is life na daw ako. It helped kasi not just with my clumsiness, overall health din.” -Sharm Ganchua, CFMNL Kapitolyo

Sharm is a Digital Marketing Practitioner who loves travelling and binge watching TV shows. April the previous year, her friend “forced” her to enroll at CFMNL after trying CrossFit the first time last 2013. She loved it ever since.


CrossFit community is friendly and all of the members are encouraging. There’s friendly competition every class, everyone wants to finish fast since the scores will be recorded in the board. The coaches are all cool, the CrossFitters are all fun to be with din. They will encourage you all the time to upgrade your workout to a harder one. So everyone becomes strong.” -Lyn Panzo, CFMNL Eastwood

Lyn is a nurse by profession who loves baking, gaming, making-up, and watching TV. CrossFit has been part of her daily routine and according to her, she gets really sad whenever she can’t go to Bootcamp.

I’m still a student, dentistry student actually. Medyo ngayon kasi past-time ko ang gym. Parang yun na yung happy place ko. ‘Dun ko narerelease yung stress ko sa school. After school, diretso ako CFMNL.” -Shenyn Bustamante, CFMNL MOA

Shenyn is a dentistry student who goes to CFMNL during her free time to release some of her midday stresses. Primarily not liking the conventional gym, she turned to CFMNL for the various workouts they offer and, as well as everybody else, the community.


There you have it! Not only some but ALL the people in CrossFit enjoy CrossFit simply because of the community it develops. Everybody gets involved: participants, judges, coaches, admin, maintenance men, you name it! In line with it’s vision, CrossFit is really for everyone. The people not only become your close friends, but they become your motivators and sources of inspiration as well.



Exercise is basically useless without a proper, sustaining, meal plan. Meal plans are what powers you to do the workouts. In line with this,As part of the challenge, our Healthy Food Partners get to pick at least one contender to sponsor his or her meals for the duration of the challenge and these are their feedbacks.

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Masarap sila actually. Madami na akong na-try na diet delivery and sila pinakagusto ko. Fave ko pasta meals nila and wraps.

– Sharm Ganchua on Delicious Diet’s 1200 kcal meal plan

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Super delicious! Didn’t expect na masarap siya. Daming variety of food and I think it is working. I feel full and wala yung feeling na deprived yung sarili ko.

– Stefanie Lim on Healthy Foodie’s low carb, high protein meal plan

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I love the different kinds of menus from Monday to Friday which offers a wide variety of meals. Nag-try kasi ako before ng diet meals pero di ko masyado nagustuhan kasi medyo walang lasa. Pero etong Fit Kitchen so far wala pa akong food nila na di ko nagustuhan.”

– Shenyn Bustamante on Fit Kitchen’s 1200 kcal meal plan

9 10

The food looks appetizing naman and the food is not dry.  Taste is also good, like 8-9/10 rating. Amount is just right for me kasi I want to lose weight kaya I’m sticking to 1200cal per day.

-Lyn Panzo on Lunchbox Diet’s 1200 kcal meal plan


So it seems that eating healthy isn’t that hard at all! Who said it was anyway? The variety of food that they’re getting are really healthy like REALLY healthy: low carbs, high protein, brown rice, lean meat, you name it! According to them the transition from everyday normal food to healthy meal plans wasn’t that bad.

Well, as it turns out that working out and eating healthily aren’t that bad at all and I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t try it out for a change this 2017. After all, the goal of being fit is not only looking fit, but feeling fit as well. So go ahead and give it a try! All you need to sacrifice is a little bit of time, determination, commitment, and omittance from that ketchup. If they can do it, you can do it too!


– Joaquin Lacson, CFMNL
“Nothing will work unless you do.” – John Wooden