Flabs to Abs Journey: Part 2


In our previous post, we told you that we could give you a TON of reasons why you should start working out and start eating healthy today and we did! We offered great food and lifestyle tips to help with burning those extra calories. However, a question might still linger, how do I start? Don’t you fret because we have you covered!

In CFMNL, we can offer a few suggestions just to cut the shortlist shorter of the stores to soon patronize. Of course, trust the tried and tested. Here are a few more testimonials from our Flabs To Abs contenders on the healthy food delivery partners they are sponsored by.

part2_1 part2_2

“[It’s] quite tasty. There are meals that I lean towards and some that aren’t really for me, but they’re still good. I’ve been eating chicken breats almost [all] year-round and I’ve gone carb-less for days – this is quite good, very tasty. I now make chicken breast as my “rice” and have GoPaleo’s meals as my ulam. Eating GoPaleo meal plans is so much better than gagging on grilled chicken breasts.” – Gab Guerrero on GoPaleo’s meal plans

Gab is a part-time photographer/videographer who used to product marketing. Now, he currently works as a coach full-time at the same time manages CFMNL Fort Operations.

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“The food was delicious! So tasty, and the carb/starch was always different (red rice, brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, etc). [I] love their variety, attention to detail, each meal bursting with flavours etc. I was skeptical at first [because the meal plans are mass produced] but I was pleasantly surprised.” -Rov Fernandez, CFMNL Makati CBD, on Healthy Kitchen Manila’s 1200 kcal meal plan

Rov is an avid traveller, foodie, and sports fanatic. As seen countless times on TV, he currently works as a media personality and is one of WWF’s National Ambassadors.

part2_5 part2_6

“The meals are great! The meals are presentable, delicious, and fills my appetite and dietary needs.” – Dwayne Factor, CFMNL Quezon Avenue, on Diet Diva’s 1200 kcal meal plans

Dwayne is a registered psychometrician who co-owns a behavioral therapy center which caters to children with neurodevelopmental challenges. Aside from his professional career, he enjoys reading books, listening to music, and watching and playing football.

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“The food tastes incredibly yummy [and] the amount or portion is just right to satisfy my calories needed for the day.” -Vanj Endaya, CFMNL MOA, on Fitness Gourmet PH’s high protein meal plan

Vanj is a certified public accountant as well as a multi-awarded triathlete. Both she and her daughter are participants of the Flabs To Abs challenge and have this friendly competition of who-can-lose-more-body-fat. They also go out for movies during their free time.

“The meals are good, but I prefer a different portion size that what I am used to. Since I cook I am very picky with how I want my nutrition to be. I follow a The Zone diet which is a recommended diet for all CrossFitters. I wished that there less rice and more vegetables in my diet, and more variety in terms of protein.” -Radi Custorio, CFMNL Makati CBD, on Fitness Gourmet PH’s high protein meal plan

Radi is an undergraduate student at Mapua Institute of Technology at the same time working as a membership consultant and intern coach at CFMNL Makati CBD. Aside from his studies and professional career, he lets off some steam through cooking his own homemade meals.

These food delivery services are tried and tested and their testimonies says it all! So, what are you waiting for? GoPaleo, The Lunchbox Diet, Fit Kitchen, Diet Diva, Delicious Diet, Healthy Foodie, Fitness Gourmet PH, and Healthy Kitchen Manila are all waiting for your orders!

However still, a great nutritional regimen should be paired with an efficient exercise routine as well. Here at CFMNL, we have WODs and Bootcamps entirely yours to experience with the CrossFit community. Worried about the schedule? We make sure we have sessions early in the morning until late at night to fit your busy day. Most classes are just an hour and if you think you don’t have time to workout, make time.

One of the main concerns we’ve heard in our experience working in CFMNL is the grand question: is it for me? Now, you might be wondering why we include a short background of the people whom we interviewed. The reason behind this is we want to show you how the people in CFMNL are very diverse and come from different backgrounds and experience levels. This just goes to show that CrossFit is not just for a select few, but it is for a community inspired to enkindle a change within themselves, both physically and mentally, and make a dent in the community they are part of.

Here are a few testimonials from our members.

“I [have] really enjoyed my CrossFit journey. Made lots of friends, lost weight I never thought I would, became stronger than I have ever had, and loving the grown of the community. For CFMNL, I hope to coach one day and spread my knowledge and love for the sport. Also I would like to see more PR’s in CrossFit and in life.” – Radi Custorio

“The CrossFit community is amazing. Inspiration is everywhere. Training is tough, it’s gruelling, it’s mental, it’s hard AF but there is no growth in comfort zones.” -Rov Fernandez

“The journey has been very encouraging! I am glad I joined CFMNL!” -Vanj Endaya


… and a little piece of advice from one of our members…

“Completing a 30-day fitness challenge isn’t the end – It’s just the beginning. Use this time to ingrain good habits that will carry you through the rest of the year (eat your veggies, drink whey protein and do your squats). Always listen to your coaches and don’t ever be shy in asking for advice. We know what you’re going through and we’re all here to help everyone be fitter and stronger.” -Gab Guerrero


Most people think CrossFit is simply a rugged conditioning routine for athletes, that’s why they fail to realize how much fun it is to actually be part of a larger community set on the same goal: fitness. CrossFit is a lifestyle and the reason why a lot of people have committed so much of their time is because of the gain they get, not just physically, but holistically.

With that being said, we hope we have enlightened you to see the better in working out and proper nutrition rather than just the sweat, sore arms, and empty stomachs. Come and join us! It is our pleasure to welcome you t0 CFMNL.

– Joaquin Lacson, CFMNL

“A feeble body weakens the mind.” –Jean-Jacques Rousseau