Getting Fit After Injury


  My fitness level prior to CrossFit was pretty much average. I would do my own workouts at home and my sport was motocross and cycling. I tried boxing and did a lot of basketball too. What got in the way of my fitness journey was laziness. And also I got seriously injured last June 2015 where I lacerated my spleen and should rest for about 2 weeks of bed rest and 2 months of no physical activities.  I felt that I needed a big change in life and a new set of challenges to conquer and make me really fit. And I really wanted to try something new.


When I first started CrossFit I was hesistant,  I didn’t know what most of the movements were especially weight training. I didn’t have any idea about snatches and clean and jerks either. But then I kept coming back and I ended up participating in the Monsoon Throwdown! After that competition, I became inspired to train more!


I now enjoy CrossFit because I was able to learn new skills, I made new friends and there’s always a different program every day! CrossFit has helped me alot to regain my fitness. It helped me become healthier, stronger and fitter. It even helped me keep in shape for my sport (motocross) !

Ralph Ramento, CFMNL San Juan