Fishy Recovery: Calculating Dosage


We’ve all been working hard in the gym the past two weeks of qualifiers. Soon we’ll find out who made it to the finals! BUT! How about we work on recovering from all the training, daily workouts and grueling re-dos?

What do you take for recovery? Protein? How about Fish Oil? Yes! The smelly stuff.

Did you know that it is the only supplement recommended by CrossFit (according to the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer’s Manual)? Health benefits include reduced inflammation, improved cognitive function, and increased immune function. But how much fish oil should you take?


Here’s how to calculate according to

Step 1 – Calculate grams of fish oil required per day

[Body weight in pounds / 10] * [Fish Oil Factor] = Required dose of fish oil per day

sample athlete is 215lbs

Fish Oil Factor:

0.25 – Maintenance: healthy folks who have been on a higher dose of fish oil for at least 3 months

0.50 – Healthy: training smart, sleeping well, does not eat sugar, grains, dairy or legumes

0.75 – Banged Up: recovering from injury, stressed, poor sleep, eating sugar, grains, dairy/legumes

1.00 – All Banged Up: sick, injured, obese, very stressed, eating high carb

Step 2 – Check the label!

Sample athlete uses the Kirkland Fish Oil. It contains 410mg EPA and 274mg DHA per serving (1 softgel).
410mg EPA + 274mg DHA = 684mg EPA/DHA per soft gel

*note: if serving size is 2 on the label, double the number of pills you will need

*note: only look for EPA and DHA values on the label, NOT “Other Omega 3s”

Step 3 – And we’ll just plug the values from steps 1 and 2 into our final equation here…

[215 / 10] * [0.75] = 16.125 grams

16.125 grams / [684mg / 1000] * [1]= 23.57.

We’ll round up to the nearest whole number for a total of 24 soft gels per day for Sample athlete.

Recover well so you can continue to get after it!