I fell in love with CrossFit


I fell in love with CrossFit… Not just because of the challenging workouts but also the amazing community that we have. I joined NKITB because I felt that I belong in this kind of sport. It says a lot about my personality; it’s like when you lift -it isn’t just to say you can, but it’s more on actually getting strong and being able to move fast and efficiently and more importantly, to have a healthier and happy life. Also, I knew that it would be great for me, experience wise, to learn something from competing with different kinds of athletes. Though some of the a qualifier WoDs were tough, others came easy probably from being an athlete for most of my life. At first I got cold feet, knowing there were a lot of competitive people doing the same things, but I realized that I joined the competition not just to win but also to have fun. So everything flew out of the window. It was a case of nerves, but when it started they were gone because I was focused on my strategies and what my coaches were telling me. I can’t stop being thankful for the support of my coaches and fellow box mates who are always there for me, supporting me. I’m really glad I joined NKITB, because I learned a lot from our teammates and coaches that day. Since the start of my CrossFit career it has been a non-stop learning experience.