From Fat to Fit at 42


Prior to CrossFit I was a 42 year old couch potato, weak with arthritic shoulders and hips. I could not walk 100 meters without experiencing out of breath and fatigue. I was depressed, fat and so out of shape. I tried yoga but it bored me to death. People who didn’t know me thought I was the mother of my husband. I thought of the life I missed because I finished medicine and was rearing my 3 kids.


Time was my major problem as well as laziness. I always thought that at a certain age you just accept your weakness. I had arthritis on both my shoulders and hips. I had no endurance, stamina not strength. I thought middle age was the end of my life and it really made me sad cause I had been looking forward to the day I can already live my life. I already have the time and money for it.

My husband’s patient thought I was his mom. I got so depressed. I was weak, lazy, fat and I just have no energy to do anything nor joy to live my life. Thankfully, one day, my friend Lady Makalintal asked me to join her in CFMNL. My first CrossFit WoD was like a warm up. I had so much pain and developed a fever the next day. So I said to myself this is it, I am no good at all. But she kept on asking me to go back. I developed friendships with people who are so into a healthy lifestyle. As I got better into finishing my workouts and losing weight as well as developing strength, stamina and endurance I really got addicted! I never knew my body could do so much more than I had expected. I am healthier, stronger and have more stamina and endurance now than 20 years ago. And not only have my children seen what my old body can do but they know that if I can do it, they certainly can as well.


CrossFit has been a part of my life for 5 years now. I cannot imagine my day without it. I tell my friends that if I started at 42 years of age, they can too. I am so much stronger, fitter, with more stamina and endurance now than when I was 20 years ago. I’m just so sad CrossFit was not yet discovered during my younger years.


I can now outlift, outrun, and out-everything myself when I was 20 years old. I can even outrun my daughter who is a top varsity player at 17 years of age. I am so happy to be strong, fast and have even more endurance than my kids lol. I prescribe CrossFit to anyone and everyone. We all have to start somewhere. I am so happy that I did!



Theresa Pascual, CFMNL Eastwood