Facts About CrossFit and CrossFitMNL


Here are a few things you may not know and want to know about CrossFit and CFMNL!

1)You Don’t have to be YOUNG or in “GREAT SHAPE” to try CrossFit

We believe we all have to start somewhere! Some newbies that come into the box have never had any athletic background or experience, some are overweight or underweight and aim to become healthier and stronger. Everybody starts somewhere, and the beauty of it is when you start seeing results of your hard work! Many ask if they have to be young or “fit” to try CrossFit, some ask if it’s okay for someone overweight. Really, CrossFit is for everyone. You don’t have to be fit to start, you start here to become fit and it’s a process everyone you’re in the box with will go through with you. We have children, teenagers, parents, and even seniors coming in and out of the box. All the movements are scalable and functional, and constantly varied so your body gets surprised daily!

So don’t feel you have to “prepare” for CrossFit, because CrossFit is here to help prepare you for life!


2)Almost 60% of CrossFitters around the world are WOMEN

A lot of women are initially hesitant to try CrossFit. There’s some kind of stigma about women lifting weights and a lot still think only men can or should do it. But really weightlifting is beneficial for both genders! And ladies, if you’re still afraid to try it out, remember almost 60% of CrossFitters are women… WHO RUN THE WORLD? right? We can do it too! And you’ll be surprised how empowering it is and how much you’ll fall in love with the sport!


This is also extremely beneficial for mothers! Pre, even during, and post! We have Coach Mindy in our Eastwood branch to help out mothers with their goals!




3)CrossFit is Mental as much or even more as it is Physical

Workouts in CrossFit make you use your brain! There are several Workout schemes like AMRAPs (As Many Rounds/Reps as Possible), EMOMs (Every Minute on the Minute), RFT (Rounds For Time) etc. So there is a lot of counting involved to get your final score for the day. Scoring is something used to track progress too, so you’ll wanna be counting every rep! Another reason it’s so mental is the workouts get tough. But this part is where you really see how much you can push yourself to push through something you thought you couldn’t do! And it’s what makes finishing the workout feel so amazing every time! CrossFit exercises both your mind and body.


4)In CFMNL, We offer Kids and Teens Classes in our Kapitolyo Branch!

CrossFit is for everyone, so of course we want to start them young! In CFMNL we offer Kids and Teens classes! It’s a safe space to encourage children to love and strive for fitness! The movements are all the same just scaled down. Children are capable of so much and giving them functional fitness from a young age is truly a wonderful gift to prepare them for life!

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5)We offer other programs: BootcampMNL, StrikingMNL, and RunMNL

We like to keep it interesting. We offer other programs aside from CrossFit like:

Bootcamp which is composed of pretty much the same movements minus the barbell

Then theres Striking, for the Martial arts lovers! Which is basically Muay Thai + conditioning

and of course Run MNL for the triathletes and runners who want to work on technique and conditioning.

We also have yoga in selected boxes!

Visit www.cfmnl.com to see our selection of programs and details of each of our branches! See you in the box!


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