Everyday is CrossFit Day


I came to the right place. A place where there is no room for judgement, but room for IMPROVEMENT, ENCOURAGEMENT and MOTIVATION.

Before I started CrossFit, I had no physical activity. I was a call center representative. I’d wake up, go to work, go home and sleep (REPEAT). I would eat so much and drink unlimited coffee without thinking how much I consumed. I was introduced to FunRun and Badminton, which I ended up doing for few months.

In May 2016, my friend, GA, who works at the same company, invited me to join Bootcamp in CFMNL Alabang. I was hesitant back then. I never saw myself doing kettlebell swings, squats more so holding a barbell. Well, we came over to do business, (since I got promoted as Administrative Assistant and GA was an Employee Engagement Officer) we asked Coach Xhi, what CFMNL could offer our company, what CFMNL could give us.


After several months of coming into the box, I can say that CFMNL was able to give me a community, a family and a support group. CrossFit really changed my perspective. Every time I am stressed at work I tell myself “I love my job, I love CrossFit, don’t resign, you won’t have money to pay for it!!!”. Then I’m back on my feet again! Joking aside, my favorite part of BootCamp is when I meet new people. I get to listen to their stories, I can share my story as well. And we even stay after class to have a little chat and take pictures.


GA and I initially planned to just try it out for 2mos. We planned to just try it out then we told ourselves we would later do it on our own. But look at me now, I am on my fifth month and there is no stopping me!

CrossFit makes me excited to wake up every day because TODAY IS A CROSSFIT DAY! This helps me prove to myself how strong Imam and how much stronger I’m becoming every day. Like how I get to run 200m without crawling my way back to the box. I remember how I struggled with kettlebell swings with the PINK kettlebell! And how hard it was for me to jump over a box. I knew how weak I was in the beginning. I knew how bad my balance was. But the coaches never gave up on me and that gave me no reason to give up on myself!

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I will always be thankful to every coach that believed in me and really showed their patience and support. I am thankful for the friendships I built with my co-bootcampers and co-WODders! When everyone cheers for me, it reminds me that I am doing the right thing and that I can finish what I started. I SALUTE all CrossFit folks out there!

-Krista Barbara, CFMNL Alabang