Julie Goes Mad for Holidaze


I am a self-employed baker and I grew up with an active lifestyle. I was a swimmer, I played basketball in high school, then soccer in College.. and I surfed a lot after graduating. Eventually though, I became busy with work. All I did was work, eat (a lot), go out, and travel.

One day, a very close childhood friend of mine asked me to do a trial at a CrossFit box along Examiner street in Quezon Ave (QBOX) since they recently signed up there. At first I was hesitant because it was kind of far and pricey but eventually, I signed up. I became a founding member of QBOX last July 2016. I did bootcamp for almost 2 months until Coach Ryan, who saw my potential, asked me if I wanted to join his program. So I started lifting weights since August 29, 2016.
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Since then, I started to love crossfit. I can say I became addicted to it 😬  And thanks to the support and confidence of my coaches and box mates in me, I’ve seen how far I’ve come and have done things I never thought were even possible. Now, I can climb ropes, do unbanded pull ups and chest to bars, handstand push-ups, and do all kinds of lifts. Crossfit MNL gave me the confidence to believe in myself! It taught me that “can’t” should not be spoken because it limits you from what you’re truly capable of. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually you will be able to do it one day. In Crossfit MNL, I have learned to fail without being a failure.

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CrossFit MNL has not only made me stronger and more confident, it also introduced me to a community and gave me a family that encourages and supports me to become the best version of myself! Before, I was teased by many for looking athletic, having broad shoulders, a wide-muscular back, big thighs and big arms. But CrossFit changed my perspective of being “macho”. It taught me to appreciate my body! And in this community, we celebrate each person’s progress, big or small.

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I’ve attended a couple of community events like the CFMNL Quezon Ave Community night, CFMNL Makati Community night, the Trifecta Saturday workout at Makati, CFMNL MOA Community Night, CFMNL Quezon Ave Halloween Party, CFMNL Makati-MOA Halloween Party and of course, the Manila Throwdown. All were very memorable! And so I’m really looking forward to experiencing my first ever CFMNL Christmas party that will be held at the Manila Polo Club. I’m excited because it will be a different experience since everyone will be wearing fashionable attire with crazy mad hats instead of their workout clothes, haha! And you might just see me on stage representing my home box in the most awaited Lip Sync Battle!

Like the other events, I’m pretty sure this get-together will be fun! And it’s definitely going to be bigger with all the boxes coming together for one night to celebrate the wonderful year of PRs, new skills, and most especially new friends! CrossFit MNL is not just a place to work out, but a gathering of people who want to make all areas of their life better from their diet, their physical and mental capabilities, friendships, families and overall enjoyment of life. If you want to change your life, maybe this is a place to start.


-Julie Tagulinao, CFMNL Quezon Ave