Tip of the Week: Rest Days


Some of us are extremely motivated to workout..and that’s great! But how many of us make the mistake of skipping rest day? Now, as awesome as it is that you’re feeling totally motivated and in the zone with your workouts, you also really need a rest day.


Rest allows our bodies to repair and rebuild our muscles, heal injuries, and helps us recover.  It gives our bodies the chance to take a step back from the intensity and adapt to it. This makes us stronger and better, mentally and physically, for the next training day in the gym! It makes us ready and helps us progress.

Over-training will just eventually catch up on us and lead to plateauing, so rest is definitely key in progress. It also improves our immune system functions, because this too can definitely burn out when you overwork yourself.

We are machines, if our oil isn’t replaced or we overheat, we won’t work! REST, recover, repair and rebuild!

Now, if you really feel you must keep moving, good for you! BUT take it slow on your rest day. We have what we call “active recovery”.

This is basically a light cardio workout to get your heart rate up a little bit and your limbs moving just enough to sweat. Remember, stick to bodyweight movements, and only work up to half or 2/3rds the intensity of your usual workouts. Samples of active rest exercises would be: rowing, swimming, jogging, yoga. And because you’re keeping warm and moving, active rest can help lessen delayed onset muscle soreness!

So if you’ve had 2-3 consecutive heavy WOD days, take a rest day. Go for a light jog, a few laps in the pool if you have to… but rest from the usual high intensity workouts. And always always always listen to your body. You’ll thank yourself on that next workout!