CrossFit: My Milestone


When I turned 40, I saw myself unfit, out of shape and grey. I didn’t like the direction I was heading. Being 40 should be a milestone but it wasn’t. I had always been active in my younger years. I tried a lot of      sports like being a group exercise instructor and joining short distance triathlons from time to time. Yet these sports didn’t interact with my body’s physiology the way I had hoped. And then I learned about CrossFit.


CrossFit works best for my body’s physiology. I gained strength and stamina. In June 2016, I tried the paleo diet. It wasn’t easy but I persisted (because I’m too lazy to cook). I knew I could lose the weight without compromising my muscle mass. As I lost weight, my physical appearance changed. I also improved on some movements like chest to bar and snatches. I can endure difficult workouts better. CrossFit was the milestone I was looking for. CrossFit became my fountain of youth. Everyday with every WoD makes me better in strength, skill and physical appearance. To me, CrossFit is the best anti-aging regimen.


The CFMNL community was vital to my fitness journey too. I have been to other boxes but I definitely feel at home in CFMNL-MOA. I’m most comfortable interacting with people in my age group. These people are also in the journey of developing better body physiology as they age wisely. Gel Yabut and Alan Sy are two of those i get along with. In the midst of a community of very young people, say around 20s, Edward Canda was a young addition to group of mature men. These guys are regular Wodders in the 7pm WOD slot. This was where should I say new friendship among wodders jumpstarted. Then suddenly a hard tone muscled guy appeared in the 7pm WOD slot. I, Gel, Alan and Edward were dumbfounded as this guy showed great strength but with a technique of a newbie. Yet he appeared to be a guy with heart that set to prove his worth as a wodder with substantial congeniality. Benjo with a heart is what the 7pm wodders call him. He later initiated team unicorn with the rest of the guys in pink. The team is set to show CFMNL-MOA as a box that encourages equity among different fitness level, age groups, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.


It’s the congeniality of these men that allowed other bootcampers and wodders, newbies and veterans that created the warmth of the box. Each man has his own story to tell, why they do and love crossfit, but you see in their eyes that they always wanted to be better than they were yesterday. When I began my paleo diet, that cost me not joining them during dine outs, but they were supportive keeping my eye on the objective. In addition to these men, the staff and coaches are warm and supportive as well. Even as they work in the box, you can tell that they enjoy the company of the members. The impeccable people who work in the box supported me through everything I needed in my fitness journey. CFMNL-MOA is my home box. Should anyone be curious what it’s like to be part of CFMNL, come over and try it out today!