How CrossFit Made Me a Better Triathlete


I am a 44-year- old working mom and a Triathlete. I have always been active. I used to attend yoga and other gym classes prior to getting hooked into running. I then transitioned into triathlons in 2012 when I was recruited to join a team. To date, I have already completed several Olympic, 70.3 (half-ironman) distances and one Full Ironman (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2k run). Finishing the Langkawi Full Ironman was my proudest moment (aside from, of course, from being a consistent podium placer). I was able to conquer that distance on my third year as a triathlete.

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With the rigorous training essential to race preparation, injury is bound to happen. I have gotten several injuries and I knew I had to combine my training with strengthening in order to avoid being further injured.
I tried several strength training exercises in the gym but the routine bored me. Then I read about CrossFit and did a trial at CFMNL Alabang and I instantly loved it! I like doing box jumps, wall balls, squats and core exercises. I love these workouts specially AMRAPs!

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The workouts pushed me past my limits! I knew that this would help me perform better in triathlons. Also, I wanted to have a toned body so I would look good in the tri-suit! Haha! With the help of my triathlon and swim coaches , coupled with CrossFit training, my 2016 triathlon performances were record breaking! I was able to slash 20 minutes off from my 2015 Century Subic 70.3 (6:30:44) to 2016 Century Subic 70.3 (6:10:27). I finished 2nd in my age group among all Filipinas for both years. For Cobra 70.3, my time improved by 36 minutes! From 6:38 in 2014 to 6:02 in 2016. This finish time landed me to 8th place out of 88 participants. My very recent race (NAGT Subic Leg 2017) actually improved and showed that I even run faster now. My run (off the bike) split for 10km last year was 1:03, while this year, 59 minutes! Overall PR was 6 minutes. I finished 2nd overall in female age group and 1st in my age group.

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CrossFit and Bootcamp have definitely enhanced my life. I am always looking forward to going to the box to workout! I enjoy the challenge and the variety since it changes everyday. I feel healthier after every workout! My box mates make me more competitive but at the same time happy for everyone else’s achievements. We always cheer for each other. People in CFMNL are all incredible and supportive!

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Vanj Endaya, CFMNL