CrossFit is Family

Two and a half years ago a friend of mine invited me to try out this new place called CrossFit. I had no idea what they did there or how I would benefit from it but I said to myself “there’s no harm in trying”.  To cut the story short,  since I entered the box there was naturally no way out. CrossFit had become a part of my lifestyle.
Last year I was able to join the Monsoon Throwdown and it was so much fun. The camaraderie and support of the community was what I wanted my kids to experience.  A month before the event, we were having dinner and the kids told me that they wanted to join the Monsoon Throwdown. At first I thought they were joking! But looking at their faces, I could tell they were dead serious. So I agreed and formed Team Brahmanz. The name was taken from a type of cattle which is called Brahman. (I breed cattle by the way).
The kids were so excited! My eldest son Imano (Scaled) and my daughter Lian (bootcamper) would attend CrossFit 4 times a week. As for me, I was pumped up to train as well knowing the fact that I will be in the Rx division..again (God help me).  I was so excited that I even designed our team shirt for the event. #stagefather As what people would say…
”if you can’t perform…japorm!”
On the day of the Monsoon Throwdown we were one of the first groups that arrived. The kids were anxious, nervous and excited. We took photos of the place, did some stretching and took pictures of ourselves because we knew that we might be dead tired to even hold our phones after the three workouts.
Prior to the event we knew that the WoDs would be very difficult but doable. Our strategy was to determine the areas where each person was strong and to share the reps equally. It was a good plan but it was not that easy to implement during game time. We were all tired, cheering, pushing one another to do our best.  At the end of the last WoD we were staring at each other with a big smile realizing that we survived the three gruelling WoDs not only as a team but as a family. It was the greatest feeling ever.
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The Monsoon Throwdown is by far the best moment in my life! My kids as my teammates, seeing them attack the WoDs while I was holding the 45 plate above my head was priceless. Bucket list check!
Some people say that CrossFit is for hardcore athletes only. I beg to disagree. CrossFit is also for the family…
CrossFit is family!
Big Thanks to CFMNL! Cheers!
-Mark Espinosa, CFMNL Alabang