Prior to doing CrossFit, I enrolled in a  regular gym and I attended different classes like spinning and high intensity exercises. I usually went alone or I’d try to literally drag people to go with me. I found it hard to stick to one activity cause I got so unmotivated, I didn’t know where to start or what program to do and I easily got bored. So I didn’t get better at any particular activity.

I decided to join CFMNL because I became familiar with the culture in our CrossFit box and I met real people with real transformation stories who are constantly hungry to learn new skills and challenging themselves to do more. That’s not exactly something you encounter everyday. And the more that you spend time with people who want to constantly get better, its pretty contagious and you tend to gravitate towards that vibe in the community.

I enjoy the company of my fellow coaches and our community in the box. I basically look forward to going to the box in the evening kahit morning palang. Doing CrossFit pushes you out of your comfort zone and also makes you realize that your mind and body are a lot stronger than you thought.


CrossFit changed my life because it helped me realize the importance of having work-life balance. It pays to invest in yourself through CrossFit because the good vibes trickles down to the other aspects of your life. I used to be the type who surrendered to a career so I could climb the corporate ladder and just work hard all day, everyday. Since I started working out and having the opportunity now to be teaching CrossFit, that aspect of how I see things changed. I decided to keep a regular day job that would still allow me to teach for the simple reason that I’m happy doing what I do. I like having me time. I love being around our community at the box. And I love being able to help people regain fitness.

CrossFit is one of the best decisions I made in life so far because I invested in myself :)

-Carmela Laxamana, CFMNL Commonwealth