CrossFit Happy!

Before I joined CrossFit, I tried other physical activities… I basically used to jog but I got bored!
I was just really hoping to live a healthier lifestyle. I wanted to get fit and feel strong, and be strong.
When I found CrossFit, I immediately loved it because it’s not boring and the workouts are different everyday.
I really enjoy the variety of the workouts and it challenges me and pushes me beyond my limits everyday!
(And it’s also a plus that we have such good looking coaches in San Juan hehehe)
CrossFit has changed my life by making me more confident!
I am a Physical Therapist by profession, and Crossfit has made me stronger. I’ve become more confident when treating my patients, and more confident in myself in general. It has definitely boosted my self esteem!
To top it all off, I am happy with my love life!
-Nini Aninon, CFMNL San Juan