CrossFit Gold WIeNeke


Prior to CrossFit, I already had an active lifestyle. I played a lot of basketball, trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and even went to the gym often. I started CrossFit because my cousin invited me to try it out, and since that first time, I’ve been hooked on it like giving candy to a baby (Hahaha!) I really love how the workouts are divided into two parts, but for me the unique value proposition will always be the MetCon.


CrossFit changed my life in a sense that it has helped me lose the weight I’ve gained from my freshman year in DLSU. From 195, i went down to 180lbs in just a few weeks! At the same time, it keeps me in tip top shape for any sporting activities; from basketball to Jiu Jitsu.

I think the difference between CrossFit and a regular gym is that whenever you work out, you have like a support system around you. In my own opinion, CrossFit may be an individual sport but at the end of the day, you find your inner strength and motivation from the people around you in the box. These people may not know you and you may not know them but, CrossFit brings you together, and it also makes you stronger together. I also realise that when working out at a regular gym it can sometimes get a bit boring, and sometimes you half ass workouts on off days. Meanwhile, in CrossFit you cant half ass anything with Coaches like Coach Nate shouting at you (hahaha) which is actually a good thing because you make the most of your workout!


Coming into preparations for my competion, I was doing CrossFit as a form of conditioning and strengthening, and it seemed that fruits of my labor were seen in my performance. I felt quicker and stronger than the usual, and as a result, I was able to climb up to that podium and receive that gold medal.