CrossFit Family Got My Back


Before I started CrossFit I tried my best to have an active lifestyle, but for various reasons I couldn’t maintain one. One day I thought: I’m not getting any younger and I just kept on getting heavier! Thanks to my neighbor and childhood friend, I was informed that there’s a place near us where I can change my lifestyle into a healthier one!

At first, I must admit I didn’t know if I was trying get into a healthier lifestyle or if my life was being sucked out of me, because the movements were simple yet took my breath away haha. However, the thing that stood out was the people there with me, both the coaches and fellow members and fitness enthusiasts. They made sure I was okay and never gave up on me. CrossFit has since become something I crave for everyday.
In around less than a month, I was encouraged by my coaches and box mates to join the Monsoon Throwdown. Regardless of whether I was new to it or lacked training, It was both a humbling and inspiring experience to have that mentality that “I can” and I can always be better.
I am honored to be part of this community of people who fight their way to be on time to workout, who are focused on finishing each workout, always pushing themselves to do as much as possible, and laugh it all out together at the end of the day.




CrossFit is a process marked by everyday progress. It doesn’t matter what others say, it’s about who you choose to listen to. I’m still new to this and I have a long way to go, but I know that my #NastyNorth #Northbox #cfmnlcommonwealth Family definitely got my back.


-Kiel Rebolledo, CFMNL Commonwealth