Confessions of a Bootcamper: Regain Fitness Story


Before starting crossfit, one could say life was mostly work-work balance: wake up, go to work, do some codes, render overtime if necessary, go home, sleep, and repeat. Rarely had the energy to put some effort into any fitness programs and stuff. The only time I remembered doing any physical activities, was back in college where PE was mandatory and the rare Sundays where I had the energy to go out of the house to just do some jogging.

It almost seems too redundant that the reasons for not starting any health plans are time, and money. For me however, it’s definitely both because at the time, I was still a fresh grad securing a career, and at the same time, a bit of motivation or maybe lack of inspiration.

So what triggered me to join CrossFit? I joined some time before beach season, so it’s a given that one of the reasons I decided to start working out was to get a beach body. Other than that, it was already a trend in the office as well as with my batch mates back in college as most only had the time and money to do so after getting a job. You may laugh, but the actual deciding factor that made me choose CrossFit amongst the many other gyms out there was a BuzzFeed video. It was a short video of 2 guys and a girl trying out CrossFit for two months for the first time. It was also my first exposure to this kind of workout/training. Enough said, watching the video was really fun, and not as educational as one would expect, but it definitely gave me that push to give CrossFit a try. 

During the first few weeks, it was really difficult coming from nearly zero workout. Basing from the video I saw, that was real proof of the extremely big difference between watching and actually experiencing. But though the workouts were hard and barely “complete-able” then, it was still really fun having people cheering me on even if I was the last person to always finish. Now, lasting a bit above 3 months into CrossFit, I still find myself a bit taken aback by some of the workouts, but I guess that’s were the fun and proudest part is. Everyday is a new workout, something you can never prepare for, yet you surprise yourself when you’re able to complete it anyway. 

I guess if I were to rate myself from before starting CrossFit to now on a scale of 1-10, it would most definitely be from a 3 then, to a 7 now. I know it’s still a bit lower than one would expect after 3 months of only doing bootcamp, but I’m that type of person who likes to challenge myself and if I give myself a higher number, it may just get into my head and make me lazier working out. Besides compared to before, I could barely do any body weight exercises, go beyond 12kg for any kettle bell workout, or even run less than 1km without stopping. Now, the problem is going higher than these, which I know in a few more weeks, I’ll be able to do so.


-Art Caballero, CFMNL Eastwood | Bootcamper 3months