Confessions of a Newbie: UnBoxed by Gear S2


(L-R) Michael Datu, the author of this post, smiles triumphantly with Crossfit pals Gelo Santos, and Mike Garcia after completing their first Samsung Boot Camp class.

I’m a young professional working at a multi-national company. I love to eat, play sports, hang out with my girlfriend and take our dog out. Growing up, I was always into sports. I’ve tried swimming, basketball, football, MMA, and many more. Even with all my other commitments like school or career, I always made time to stay physically active. However, in the past few years, balancing my time became even more difficult. I always found my energy drained. Soon enough, I
found myself looking down at a gut! I’ve gained so much weight. It was at that turning point that I
decided that I had to take control of my health. That was when a friend of mine persuaded me to try CrossFit. I said “why not?” I needed to get back into shape because I wanted to feel healthy and be fit again!

I think all first timers’ can relate to me when I say that you will never forget your trial workout. Mine was a partner workout, we had to alternate doing 25 wall balls and as many butterfly sit-ups as we could for 5 rounds. Despite the lack of exercise, I tried to set my mind to the workout.I thought to myself that it hasn’t been that long since my last workout. But just like all the CrossFit first timers’ story goes, all I could think of was “ang hirap nito”. It was that struggle that made me realize how unfit I really was. This motivated me to continue CrossFit and regain my fitness.


At the same time, Samsung sponsored bootcamp classes in the box. They had just released the Gear S2, a smartwatch that doubles as a fitness wearable. The classes were a way for us to try out the Gear S2 and test out in real time how it could help us during training. The Samsung Bootcamp class was the first time I ever used a smartwatch. I guess growing up with the sports I used to do, I never found the need to have one. To be honest, I was a little hesitant to use it because I wasn’t used to wearing anything on my wrists during a workout. I think the class had mixed emotions about it too, because it really isn’t common to be working out with a watch, and a smart watch for this matter. The coaches explained to us how to use the S health app. He configured it specifically for our workout. Our workout that day had a lot of running, cone drills, and body weight exercises. It was great to see how we were able to keep track of how many steps we took and how much calories we burned at the end of the 45 minute class. I especially liked how it showed a line graph of how my heart rate was throughout the workout. It gives me a percentage that tells me how much I’ve exerted. Seeing that data pushed me to go a little harder so that I can sustain the zone where it was effective, allowing me to burn more calories.

CrossFit is a very competitive sport so it pays to keep track of different numbers like how fast you go and how heavy you lift. Now, I can appreciate how beneficial it is to have a fitness watch to keep track of progress. Experiencing the benefits of the Gear S2 in real time made me consider buying one because I can use the gathered data to perform better. It helped me set goals to reach during the workout like reaching 6000 steps, get to the effective training zone, and to burn as much calories as I can. I believe that having the Gear S2 made me more conscious of the effort I was putting into a workout. I can say that it definitely helped get me closer to my goals.

Overall, I loved how light and sleek the design of the Gear S2 is. It wasn’t a hindrance while I was moving and it felt very durable. I was surprised how interactive the watch was and that I was able to track my HR, steps, and calories burned real time.  I also appreciate the fact that Samsung is focusing on fitness and has been continuously building apps to cater to its market. Truly, it gets better with every turn!