Team Built Not Born



We are Jigs Mayuga, Sonia Pascual, and Kevin Ty from CFMNL Fort/BGC!


Jigs: My only sport prior to CrossFit was applying makeup for time. Hahahaha. Seriously though, I’ve never been into any kind of competitive activity other than working out with my trainer at the gym prior to CrossFit.

Sonia: I was always into reading poetry, but maybe that doesn’t count as a sport.

Kevin: I swam in the UAAP for DLSU in college.




Jigs: In 2015 I invited Kevin and another female box mate to try to qualify for the Team Throwdown back then. We didn’t qualify and our girl member has since taken a break from CrossFit.

Sonia: One day Jigs showed up at 7am class and asked me if I wanted to try for Team Throwdown. That was January. They needed a girl. I was kilig – it felt like someone asking me out on a date.

Kevin: I was asked by Jigs to be part of a team for the Manila Throwdown Team Edition. Since we didn’t make it last year, we trained hard everyday to get stronger and better. This year, we scouted rookie Sonia Pascual to be our female member for 2016 and the rest was history!




Jigs: Syncing our schedules for training was challenging since we all have full-time jobs. I’m in the beauty industry, Kevin is in finance and Sonia is in advertising. We have been lucky to have supportive coaches who allow us to train separately on our own schedules. We all train intensely as individuals and work well as a team when we WOD together, which is RARE.

Kevin: Every Qualifying WOD was a challenge, we had to pick apart and study our strengths and weaknesses as individuals for the benefit of the team.

Sonia: The challenge was finding time to train together! But my awesome team really made time so we can all train together even if it meant getting up at 6am!


Jigs: We made it to the finals this year. From number 47, we jumped up to number 6! It was a lot of hard work and smart time management.


Kevin: We are really excited to compete and meet the other CrossFitters from different communities/boxes/affinities. And for the other teams, continue to work hard and train day in and day out! Most importantly have fun!