The Best Gift to Give This Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner! The traffic is building, malls are filled with people even on the weekdays, and all for what? To buy each other presents!

Are you familiar with that Christmas Song by Jose Marie Chan?

It includes a line that goes:

“Wherever there are people
Giving gifts exchanging cards
I believe that Christmas is truly in our hearts

So really, when we give or receive presents it’s something from the heart and more the thought that counts than the physical present! But why can’t these presents be useful or beneficial too? Here are some tips on choosing your presents this year!

What does your friend do? What is essential to him/her? Think of What your friend does on a daily  basis.

To find out what your friend will really use, you’ll need to really think of what they do day to day. What do they do for work? What do they do for fun? Do they exercise? What are their activities?

What does your friend NEED? Think of Something Useful.

The worst thing that could happen is you spend your money on something your friend won’t ever even use….

Maybe they lose pens a lot? A pencil case, or a bunch of pens!

Maybe they travel a lot.. a universal adapter!

Maybe they workout a lot? A towel or socks.

Or they don’t workout at all and they need to look out for their health? A trial at your closest CFMNL box perhaps?

What will work best for your friend? What kind of gift would be most beneficial?

You want your friend to know you care, and you want them to gain only positive things from your presents! After all you’ve thought so hard on what to get them. So after analyzing what they do, and what they need, it’s time to specify what kind. It’s like needing shoes for CrossFit, but which ones will truly benefit your needs in the box? Lifters? Trainers? Both? Hybrids?

So then ask what kind of pen would you get your friend?

What kind of socks for the gym-goer? High and thick ones, or low and thin ones?

Or what kind of environment would your friend need to help them reach their fitness goals?

Shopping for presents can be difficult, add the crowds and the traffic on top of that and it gets exhausting. Pick up your phone and simply invite a friend to come over to your home box this month. Give your friends something they’ll thank you for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next. This Christmas, give them the Gift Of Fitness!