Beauty in Strength


Two years ago, my brother gave me a coupon for one month of CrossFit. I was so scared to try it that I waited until the last day of validity to use it. I fainted four times during that first day, but something about that workout made me feel really good afterwards. And so I came back the following day, and the day after that, and almost everyday since then.

It was exciting to learn new skills each day, but the first few months were quite a struggle. I couldn’t do most of the movements so I would always ask the coaches if I could scale down or quit in the middle of the metcon, but they wouldn’t let me. “Ginusto mo ‘yan, panindigan mo, tapusin mo!” they would say. At that time, I thought they were just being mean, but now I realize they were teaching me how to be strong mentally.

“Every rep counts, the more you do, the more you can eat later. It’s only a few minutes of pain for a whole day of feeling good.”

I would repeat these words in my head until I finish the WoD. Even if I have the lowest score, it’s still better than doing nothing. Every squat, clean, and snatch made me stronger. When my body started changing, I got super addicted. Luckily, I found equally CrossFit-crazy friends with whom I do double WoDs and practice skills with after class. I’ve looked forward to working out with my friends even if it means waking up extra early for the morning class. They’re my support system, cheering squad, and if needed, drill sergeants. Even the ugliest WoDs become easier with friends. When we suffer, we suffer together.

Having worked hard for my progress, I admit I feel pride in telling people I do CrossFit when they ask how I lost weight. Beyond aesthetics, I have gained mental toughness, physical strength, and lifelong friendships. After all, this is CrossFit, where beauty is in strength.

Claudine Dy, CFMNL San Juan